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In this world we live through the 5 senses. The 6th one, beneath what’s conventional, many times manifests in the collective understanding of what we call “beautiful“.

To love means you must assume your own wisdom. The admiration towards the simple things, tasting sweet and bitter, hearing the quietness, feeling a soft touch, but maybe the most important of them all, smelling the scent of all that’s around you; all those things have sculpted my personality. “Odalisque in Red Jacket”, Henry Matisse’ transposition, opened my perspective and inspired me to be my best self. With that in mind, along my personal and professional career trying to express myself through the beautiful things I started collecting and wearing various significant bracelets. Also, about the same time I discovered Edgar Degas, Paul Cezanne, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and the brilliant Pablo Picasso. That wouldn’t have been possible without my passion towards traveling as in every new place I’ve been the first stop was always clear; the art museum. All those experiences, all those paintings ended up feeding my heart’s desire for visual beauty and even with all that I realized that it wasn’t enough, my  spirit needed another sense trained; the smell. 

I remember the childhood memories with my aunt, since I was six until present, where she would make people happy every time she could, many times in jumble sales and other commercial occasions, by selling them perfumes and fragrances, that’s how I grow close to the beauty of smells; smells that help define me as a person every day that passes.

Thus, in my odyssey through the world I love, feeling it at every step I give, I started looking for boutiques full of stories to tell about the places that sell another form of beauty, perfumes carrying the most beautiful scent, the one that I feel when the sky starts crying, associating the raindrops with that smell, and the perfect smell of absolute cleanliness. That’s a shower for the soul, a shower you can only achieve by being part of nature. And in all infinite painting of observation and feelings I love; I love everything that smells good.

But time showed that, deep down, not everything is truthful and so I chose delicate and subtle to continue the evolution of the desire towards the beginning of this new stage. 
And so I empathize with the people around me; quietly, from the shadows, because for me that is que meaning of good; my own emotions alongside other’s happiness. But I understood that besides that, the sharing of my knowledge about beauty can and will complete my evolution; looking, feeling and understanding.

The body shines with its desire to evolve, wrapped in smells, towards the supreme. 

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