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A shining star: The new Lamborghini Huracan Evo featuring Alexa from Amazon

Hey Alexa, play "All the Stars" by Kendrick Lamar. Hey Alexa, it's hot in here, please lower the temperature! Hey Alexa, find a romantic restaurant near me.

These are some of the voice controls that drivers can utilize through the Alexa programme on Amazon, now also available on the newest Lamborghini Huracán Evo models.

Control your Lamborghini Hurucán with Amazon Alexa voice control

As a car voice assistant, Alexa has been available in one form or another for a few years now, but the Lamborghini Huracán Evo is the first to take advantage of the relatively new car control facet of the Alexa Auto SDK 3.0. No other car has yet allowed drivers and passengers to adjust the air conditioning, seat warmers, lights, or windows by simply asking Alexa, i.e. by embedding Alexa as a full control system in the vehicle.

The voice assistant’s AI can intuit what people mean from less direct requests, too, turning on heat or AC in accordance with incidental remarks of the driver (such as: “Man, ain’t it hot in here” etc.). And, as a unique bonus for Lamborghini, Alexa can provide a real-time look at how the car is in terms of handling torque and traction – just ask to see the “dynamic coordinator” and Alexa will provide the required status on the central console screen.

Live the Lamborghini Hurucán experience to the full thanks to Alexa

Alexa's integration into Huracán Evo began last year, in early 2020, when Alexa programs could already be used to adjust functions such as air conditioning, interior lighting, seat heating, or entertainment. ; Still, the step towards giving Alexa full control of the system has been taken this year. In addition, the new 2021 model contains the new PEACE OF MIND services, which are connected to the Lamborghini UNICA app. Compared to last year's model, these services offer even more detailed reporting on vehicle condition or geofencing, in addition to the real-time traffic information already implemented.

The Alexa function is of course not limited to the car itself. Lamborghini Hurucán owners are also connected to devices that work with Alexa and can control them directly from the car via simple voice interaction: from front doors and thermostats to lights and entertainment.

From mid-April, all Alexa installations of Huracán EVO models can be updated for free at the authorized Lamborghini dealer using Lamborghini Connected. Lamborghini Connected features are currently available in most countries in Europe and North America (where Alexa systems are already available), while expansion to new markets is expected in 2022.

Photo credits:, Izabela Juncu


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