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Delina La Rosée – a poetic bouquet of refreshing sensations

In the 18th century, young French ladies used to dip their handkerchiefs in dew in order to hydrate their faces. The golden times of perfumed courts have by now become history, yet their refinement goes on. A special contribution in this respect is made by the house Parfums de Marly and its exquisite products.

Perfume is a feeling which encapsulates one of the most captivating natural wonders. The most recent illustration of this idea was revealed in January 2021 by the house Parfums de Marly under the name Delina La Rosée, with Quentin Bisch as the mastermind behind it.

The intention behind this perfume is to recreate an universally shared emotion, namely the memory of the unique scent of rose dew. Delina La Rosée is thus a contemporary ode to the luxuries of nature – sky, water, earth; its ingredients blend in a condensed mix of noble materials.

As a fruity-floral, watery, woody fragrance, Delina La Rosée is meant for women. It embodies an atemporal future, a moment of freshness, a bouquet of sensations sprung out of the finest ingredients.

The top notes comprise pear, litchi and essence of Italian bergamot; the hearty notes convey impressions of Turkish rose, peony and transparent flowers, bringing to mind multiple notes of fresh, velvety, slightly daring yet delicate rose, whereas the base notes include soft wood, white musk and Haitian vetiver. The scents of pear, litchi and bergamot add a gourmet note, while the barely perceptible, yet subtle enough base components – wood, white musk and vetiver – envelop the senses.

This presentation is confirmed by the founder of Parfums de Marly itself; according to him, Delina La Rosée is „a poetic bouquet, composed of Turkish rose and transparent flowers, with an opening towards pear and a subtle base of resin and white musk.“

Dare to breathe in the perfume Delina La Rosée, this exquisite experience and prolonged emotion – a moment of freshness, a vibrant glow and an unforgettable smile. Capture its freshness and dare to distill its hidden poetry!

An attractive, powdery pink bottle made out of matte glass, fringed with notes of Italian bergamot, essence of Turkish rose and Haitian vetiver serves to keep this memorable Eau de Parfum Delina La Rosée.

In this period, a free discovery kit including Delina, Delina Exclusif and Delina La Rosée (3x1,5 ml) will automatically be added to your basket. The offer is available until the stock runs out.


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