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FREYWILLE Jewelry – The Art Of Fine Enameling

Along with perfume, a fine piece of jewelry always makes my heart sing and puts my mind at ease. I love that saying “jewelry is like information: you can never have enough of them”… it is not only about the quantity, though. It does not mean that the more we have the happier we are. I truly feel that jewelry is a thing of beauty meant to enhance the quality of our life, no matter the age, style or social position.

The mere act of putting on a ring, a pair of special earrings that bring back happy memories, a perfectly round, gorgeously ornate bracelet or a refined necklace is like a mysterious ritual accompanying these gestures of self-love. Every time I hold one of my precious pieces, I relive the joyous moments that brought them into my collection, I remember the person who offered them, the words they’ve said and their wishes caressing my heart.

My love for FREYWILLE jewelry started a long time ago, in Vienna. Walking the streets of this city which never ceases to amaze me, the grandeur of the architecture, the luxury shops and the smell of fresh, delicious bakery, has carved a special attachment in my soul.

My first encounter with this brand has left me in a haze of fascination and daydreaming. As I was standing in front of the FREYWILLE shop, my inner Goddess was glowing so bright it could have lit up half of Europe. Here I was, careless and free, unguarded and natural, window-shopping like a “pro”, dazzling smile on my face… The elegance and beauty of FREYWILLE pieces were staggering.

Founded in 1951, in Viena, FREYWILLE is the only company worldwide which creates jewelry with fine, decorative art. It is a brand synonymous with quality and fine craftsmanship. Creativity is also represented in FREYWILLE’s logo: the Sphinx. They use it as a symbol of creativity that brings up imaginative aspects of the ancient history. In addition of working with precious metals and stones, they are best known as experts in the art of fire enameling.

The art of enamel gives great possibilities of expressing artistic creations and the multiple layers of enamel produce bright colors that are going to last for the longest time. It is a very time-consuming, complex handmade technique which has also a magic meaning for everybody involved in the process.

The creators at FREYWILLE look for inspiration in ancient art as well as in the masterpieces of famous artists like Claude Monet and Gustav Klimt. Their first approach at using artwork as inspiration came in the 90s when the Claude Monet Foundation had FREYWILLE create a collection based off the artist.

Since then, it has become their signature and their collectors eagerly await to see what the next beautiful scene will be depicted in the designs. It is said that the moment you wear a piece of fine jewelry, that particular piece fulfills its destiny of what the designer intended his or her creation to become.

FREYWILLE has boutiques worldwide–in fact they have over 60 in several different countries, spanning on four continents. So, one could say, there is enough FREYWILLE beauty to go around in this world.

I, personally feel that if you love something or someone, you should tell them. Even if you are scared that it is not the right thing. Even if you are scared that it might cause problems. Even if you are scared that it will burn your life to the ground… You say it and you say it loud. And then, you go from there…

Therefore, I want to say it now and here: I love FREYWILLE. I love their unique approach to jewelry making and their dedication to artistry. I love how their pieces make me feel when I wear them, like I have no worry in the world, like I am the master of my life and there is nothing anybody can say or do to change that. A sense of freedom grows stronger in me and all the criticism and meanness becomes just …background noise.

Wearing FREYWILLE, their exquisite, mesmerizing art, reminds me that there is an end to every storm. Once all the trees have been uprooted, once all the houses have been ripped apart, the wind will hush, the clouds will part, and the rain will stop. The sky will clear in an instant and only then, in those quiet moments after the storm, do we learn who was strong enough to survive it.

At the end tail of a pandemic, those of us who survived it (physically, morally and emotionally) can proudly say we are a resilient bunch of determined people. I feel happy that now, after many years, I can afford to reward myself with a piece of jewelry by FREYWILLE which will stand testimony over the years to come that beauty and love DO conquer all.

I invite you all to experience this incredible journey into the creations of this brand. You will not regret it and if you are anything like me, you will hopelessly fall in love with their art…you know, that feeling of utter joy and surrender, making the entire world fade away. What is left in the end is just pure poetry. And that is FREYWILLE for you…


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