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Interview With Top Chefs of the World: Ludovic Fontalirant owner of Le Temps et Le Pain

I’ve met chef Ludovic Fontalirant in Paris, he is the founder of this great pastry “Le Temps et Le Pain”, a great Shop for authentic French croissants and bread, but also the gourmet creator of this Bakery, serving up both sweet and savory fare in Paris.

First of all, you need to know that Ludovic is now writing his first book as a pastry chef.

I invite you to this journey where he answered some of my questions while being in Paris, this January.

  1. Why did you become a chef?

It was done by chance, it was not a desire, I think it is something that we have in us. Loved leading people, pulled them up.

2. What was your greatest influence?

I was not really influenced, however like many Patissier, indirectly the work of Pierre Hermé and Philippe Conticini had a role.

3. What is your greatest achievement to this day?

I think I am still too young to speak of success, I will have to take stock at the end of my career.

4. What is your signature dish?

I don't really have a signature dessert, a pastry chef has to be able to sublimate everything, but pistachio pastries are the ones that work best.

4. What are your forecasts for the future of restaurants?

I think that French and world pastry has a bright future ahead of it, provided that it knows how to renew itself.

5. What are the most common misconceptions about restaurants?

The hardness of the chefs, the mentalities have changed enormously, today we have a new generation of chefs, much closer to their teams.

6. If you could cook for someone famous, who would it be?

My family I think is what makes me happiest, most seriously, for someone who has done great things for the world.

7. How did you know you wanted to be a chef?

I didn’t know, it’s done naturally, by my character. I wasn’t predestined to work.

8. What about emerging food destinations around the world - is there one place, in particular, that is piquing your interest right now?

I could Asia, which is the new Eldorado of world gastronomy, but I am more interested in South America, there is a culinary culture still unknown to the world, and sublime products, very difficult to access here.

A note from Ludovic to all the aspirants pastry chefs:

One of the best suggestions I have for anyone thinking of going to culinary school or just getting into the restaurant industry is to read everything you can get your hands on. Learn from professional chefs who have worked in the industry and those who have taught in culinary schools.

My experience was in Paris, a romantic walk near the Eiffel Tour, and enjoying Ludovic’s gourmet pastries.


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