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Lord Perfumes – Exquisite Olfactory Pyramids

In my endless search for stories, I have wandered through many luxurious perfumeries around the globe and let myself be carried away by my sense of smell. I have always adored limitless luxury, which consists not only of quality but also of details especially created for fine observers. Olfactive luxury is one of my necessities.

I made the great discovery of Lord Perfumes, which awakened my curiosity about how they manage to arouse passions, awaken memories, and evoke that burning feeling of authenticity.

The Prime Collection is an infusion of sophistication, being an ode to the perfume master’s craftsmanship and unparalleled expertise. The golden accents and cap are meant to take the perfume lover on a journey filled with opulence.

IN LOVE tells the story of the instance of meeting your crush. The instant heart melt, the trembling hands, and vivid glances are described through this floral-woody-musky fragrance. The top is a fresh citrus aroma of Bergamot, Ginger, and Mandarin, followed by gorgeous middle notes of Orange Flower and Gardenia. The Musk at the base of this fragrance is completed with Vanilla. It is the warm ingredient that reminds us of homemade cakes during the holidays. Soft and sweet, it gives depth to any perfume, and we can easily recognize it, especially since it is the base of many romantic and sensual perfumes.

JE T’AIME is the expression of careless whispers, with floral and oriental notes. The top reveals Fruity notes, Bergamot, and Neroli. The middle is an exquisite blend of Rose, Jasmine, and Patchouli - This perfume uses this note as an exclamation mark or to give depth to more fragile floral tones. The base notes of Vanilla, Amber, and Oakmoss leave a lingering and enchanting trail.

VELVET ROSE is a fragrance that unfolds like a luxurious bouquet. Opening with the softness of Rose and Aromatic Notes, it captivates the senses with a rich and romantic allure. The scent of rose is the most aphrodisiac scent in the world, with its narcotic effect brightening the thoughts and the olfactory composition. As the scent develops, Jasmine, Violet, and Ylang Ylang deepen the olfactive symphony, followed by a base of Musky Notes and Tonka Bean which create warmth and sophistication. Velvet Rose is an exquisite perfume that elegantly puts the rose on a pedestal, being the undisputed queen of flowers.

OCCASION 6 PM is a fragrance designed for the evening allure. Opening with top notes of Grapefruit, Pineapple, and Peach, it sets a vibrant and sophisticated tone, being the cocktail that you taste in the golden hour. The heart unfolds with a blend of elegant florals like Rose and Lily of the Valley, creating a beautiful floral bouquet. As the evening deepens, the base notes of Sandalwood and Vanilla bring a warm and sensual dimension to the perfume. The charm of this fragrance lays in the meaning of its ingredients. For centuries, the Sandalwood tree was considered sacred by the Hindus, who attributed a lot of mystical meanings to it.

LONDON is a timeless fragrance that captures the essence of the cosmopolitan city. Opening with notes of Neroli, Orange Flowers, and Cassis, it pictures the urban freshness of a morning stroll along the streets of Notting Hill. The middle reveals a classic blend of Rose and Lily of the Valley, as this is one of Lord’s favorite combinations when it comes to middle notes which make a great impression. The base notes of Musk and Amber create a perfume that mirrors the spirit of the iconic cityscape.

CHAMPS ÉLYSÉES is a captivating fragrance inspired by the grandeur of the famous Parisian Avenue. Opening with lively notes of Cassis, Peach, and Raspberry, it mirrors the vibrant energy of the crowded Champs-Élysées. The heart unfolds with a bouquet of Rose and Jasmine. The base notes of White Musk and Amber create warmth and sensuality, leaving a trail of sophistication. This perfume captures the essence of romance and elegance, paying homage to the unforgettable heart of Paris.

PARADISE is an enchanting fragrance opening with a burst of Green Notes, Bergamot, and White Pepper, creating the allure of a sun-kissed paradise. The heart reveals notes of Sweet Woods and Aquatic Notes. As the fragrance settles, notes of Patchouli and Amber in the base provide a creamy, warm undertone, leaving you in the impressive experience of Paradise.

CHARMING is an astonishing fragrance that exudes vibrancy and charisma. Opening with bright notes of Bergamot, Coriander, and Clary Sage, the heart of the perfume unfolds into a blend of Leather, Vetiver, Honeysuckle, and Elemi creating a contrasting and surprising middle. An addictive base of Patchouli, Cocoa, and Amber completes the scent, leaving a charming and lingering impression. When entering a room, I like to attract attention, but not through ostentatious things and extroverted behavior, but through my strong, but not overpowering, olfactory signature. This is the perfect scent for creating this impression.

FABULOUS is an alluring fragrance that lives up to its name. With an opening burst of Mandarin, Apricot, and Peach, it radiates the sunlight and energy of a summer morning. The heart reveals an alluring bouquet of Rose and Peony. A base of White Musk and Amber Notes brings warmth and sophistication, creating a fabulous and memorable olfactory experience.

MOROCCAN OUD is a captivating fragrance that embodies the unforgettable allure of Morocco. Opening with aromas that embrace Moroccan culture, it sets a mysterious tone thanks to its top notes of Incense, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, and Spices. The heart of the perfume is intricate, with Aldehydic Notes and Taif Rose. As the fragrance develops, the base of Patchouli and Leather enchants the wearer. It is a truly fascinating perfume that reminds me of the landscapes of Morocco.

HIS HIGHNESS is a fragrance designed for royals. Opening with a majestic blend of the rich Damascena Rose, Nutmeg, and Citrus Notes, it offers a precious heart of Cashmere, Spicy Notes, and Labdanum. As the fragrance settles, notes of Leather, Amber, and Guaiac Wood provide a long-lasting base. His Highness is a perfume crafted for those who appreciate a scent that embodies nobility and power, an expression of opulence that never pretends.

SMOKEY LEATHER is a distinctive fragrance that captures the essence of elegance. Opening with a strong blend of Saffron, Star Anise, and Peach, it evokes intensity. The middle of the fragrance reveals a combination of Osmanthus, Tuberose, and Sandalwood. Tuberose, in the hands of a master of the olfactory art, becomes one of the most sublime scents. It disturbs us and follows us. During the Italian Renaissance, young girls were forbidden to walk through the gardens where tuberoses grew, to make sure they don’t experience the taste of passion, which the sensual scent could have turned into a real delirium. Smokey Leather is a perfume designed for those who appreciate the allure of Leather with Animalic notes, Amber, and Tonka.

PHANTOM is a mysterious fragrance that unfolds like a symphony. Opening with a rich bouquet of Magnolia, Lily of The Valley, and Damascena Rose, the heart reveals a complex blend of Jasmine, Cashmere, and Violet. As the fragrance lingers, a subtle veil of Amber and Musk takes over your senses, creating a phantom-like presence. For those seeking a fragrance that dresses them in an aura of mystery and intrigue, this is a winner.

ROYAL LOUNGE is an opulent fragrance that exudes sophistication and luxury. Opening with a blend of Bergamot, Jasmine, and Bulgarian Rose, it sets a regal and inviting atmosphere. The heart unfolds with rich notes of Black Pepper, Elemi, and Ylang, adding a touch of elegance. As the fragrance lingers, a base of Amber, Patchouli, Leather, and Cashmere creates the atmosphere of a lounge fit for royalty. Royal Lounge is a perfume crafted for those who appreciate timeless elegance and a refined, royal aura.

TUXEDO is an amber-musky classic fragrance that captures the essence of black-tie sophistication. As you can never go wrong with a suit, you can never go wrong with this perfume, as it is the epitome of timeless elegance. Opening with a burst of Cypress, Violet, and Star Anise, the middle reveals a blend of Vanilla, Sandalwood, Guaiac Wood. As time flies, a warm and comforting base of Amber and Musk creates an amazing aura. Tuxedo is a perfume tailored for those who appreciate formal elegance with a hint of mystery.

DREAM LIBRARY is a captivating perfume collection inspired by the enchanting world of the sky. Its inspiration lies in the gorgeous nuances that dress the sky, the stars, and the galaxies that embellish it. Each fragrance within the collection represents a nuance of life, the subtle art of joy.

DUSK is an evocative fragrance that captures the tranquil beauty of twilight. Opening with Jasmine, Saffron, and Grapefruit, it mirrors the soft glow of the setting sun. The heart unfolds with Amber Notes and Sage. As the fragrance settles, a base of Sweet Woods and Oakmoss reflects the quiet elegance of dusk.

PORTOFINO is a refreshing and sophisticated fragrance inspired by the idyllic Italian town. The ambery-musky fragrance opens with notes of Iris, Taif Rose, and Black Pepper. The heart unfolds with the deliciousness of Caramelized Sugar and Cashmere. As the fragrance settles, a base of Patchouli and Amber makes this fragrance unforgettable. Portofino is a perfume created to bottle the essence of the shores and elegant atmosphere of the Italian Riviera.

TERRA is a fragrance that brings us closer to the essence of nature. Opening with notes of Shinus Malle, Incense, and Saffron, it mirrors elegantly the scent of the ground. The heart reveals a seductive blend of Rose and Sandalwood, creating a sense of well-being. As the fragrance develops, Musky and Amber notes reflect the spirit of Earth. If I were to describe this scent in just a few words, "tranquility" would be my favorite one.

BORA BORA is a tropical paradise captured in a bottle. This leathery scent opens with the juicy notes of Mandarin, completed by Aldehydic Notes. The middle unfolds uniquely with Immortelle and the addictive aroma of Patchouli, reminding us of the vibrant colors of the island. The base offers a creamy mix of Vanilla and Suede. This perfume is the liquid version of a plane ticket to a carefree island getaway.

IBIZA is a vibrant, fougere and ambery fragrance inspired by the lively spirit of the Spanish island. Opening with notes of Cardamom, Juniper, and Bergamot, it mirrors the fun atmosphere of Ibiza's beaches. The heart unfolds with floral undertones, like Magnolia and Violet, while the base of warm Tobacco and Ambergris provides a lingering foundation, capturing the essence of the vibrant nightlife of Ibiza.

BELLA is a graceful perfume that creates timeless beauty. It is a feminine fragrance, with the opening of Almond, Coffee, and Fruity Notes, it sets a sweet and welcoming tone. The heart reveals notes of Jasmine Sambac and Tuberose, adding a touch of romantic elegance. As the fragrance lingers, the base offers the deliciousness of Tonka Bean and Cocoa. Bella is a perfume designed for those who appreciate a classic and feminine scent, capturing the essence of loveliness.

These perfumes represent a carousel of aromas and feelings, from mystery to refreshment and elegance; the scents offer a delightful escape from the ordinary world. Embrace the magic of these fragrances and accept their invitation to explore different facets of your personality. Your chosen fragrances speak volumes about who you truly are.


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