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Mastery of Food Fusion: A tale of two continents

Two years ago, a family from Lebanon decided to move to Paris. Building a heritage and a name in the City of Lights is certainly an edifying challenge - somewhat like building a new Taj Mahal from scratch.

On a casual Saturday, the vibes of Lebanese culture welcome you seductively from the door, silently urging you to enjoy a friendly invitation in the company of customers and a glass of sparkling wine.

It is a great family-run restaurant and Imad Kanaan and his wife are the owners.

The two Michelin stars chef Michel Portos and the young and talented Clement Courtemarche, display impressive professionalism and involvement with the service part.

Although every dish in itself is special, what made a lasting impression on me were:

the stellar tomato tartares as an hors d'oeuvre exhibiting a careful balance of freshness and dry sweetness (basil and nougatine of dried fruits);

the delicate sea bass filet imbibed with milky corn cream, flanked by chanterelle mushrooms and a slice of lime for a bitter tinge;

the curly, juicy octopus à la plancha densely covered in chorizo cream with nourishing, grainy saffron rice on the side;

All in all, a culinary experience fit for a royal suite! I definitely recommend this corner of Asia situated right in the heart of Paris, near the Seine!


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