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Notorious Stories Branches Out Offering New Services

Two years ago, when Notorious was just a baby, I did not know how the new concept was going to be received. So, I just braced myself and hoped for the best. However, after the first event, I could see that this was going to be “L’enfant Prodige” of all my projects.

It grew and grew, slowly but surely, because Notorious Stories events (being a more intimate and serene discovery method) offered a significant advantage in this tricky period punctuated by lockdowns and other restrictive measures for physical stores. It seemed that the community of perfumes and luxury lovers was already formed and all it needed was a platform and a guide (which I was only too happy to provide).

Niche perfumery is an olfactory adventure which knows no boundaries, and one might say that, in the case of Notorious social gatherings, the journey is almost as important as the destination. Therefore, we can proudly state that we offer a personal experience focused on the client’s preferences.

Fragrance is one category within the cosmetics industry that typically struggles to sell online, with the majority of sales stemming from in-store product sampling. To get rid of the trouble related to social distancing rules in stores and offset the decline of physical traffic, Notorious offers private consultation sessions in small groups – an opportunity for customers fond of this luxury cocoon to experience a special moment in carefully chosen locations.

At the same time, the networking factor is essential for Notorious because “finding your tribe” of like-minded people takes time and effort and it is – sometimes – a never-ending story. The idea is to participate in a complex, unique experience that finds itself at the confluence of several artistic fields.

Our social club is not only a friendly platform for people with similar artistic taste but also a glue that binds together customers and brands linked by sophisticated experiences organized in the most enchanting settings.

With the new business environment, it is obvious that everybody needs to re-invent themselves. As a species, we are hardwired to be resilient, to go over grief and failure because this is – indeed – the cycle of life and it speaks to the impermanence of things.

Consequently, it is pretty much a necessity to diversify and find new, creative ways to survive and thrive. Those who are hesitant or too desperate to quickly adapt will be crushed by the wave of changes brought in by this pandemic. Andre Gide once said that “L'intelligence, c'est la faculté d'adaptation” and these times are proving him right….

In this context, I am proud to announce that our club is branching out. It is official! Notorious is growing even stronger and it diversifies with new services, namely: public relations and communication, media representation, marketing and advertising. These services are available for all entities, from brands to companies and individuals.

Notorious Stories offers a customized strategy that includes the study of brand positioning, marketing consulting, media relations and events planning. 

We pride ourselves on building strong, long-term partnerships with our clients thanks to a passionate, creative and committed work ethos across all of our divisions. We believe in public relations as a highly effective driver of business growth and an integral component of the marketing mix.

This period has been a wake-up call for everybody. If there’s a chance for all of us to reinvent ourselves, this is it. Notorious Stories wants to move with the time, to change and adapt as a true Type A Alpha performer in the society. Notorious Stories has big plans and we are decided to put them into practice.

Notorious is also “going international” but more to come on this exciting subject which we are trying to keep, for the moment, as a “secret surprise”. 

In times like this, when much of the world economy is nose-diving we are faced with a decision: go bitter or… go better. We definitely want to get better, for us, for our community and for our future clients.

Growing is not always easy. It is sometimes very hard (that is why they are called “growing pains”), but in order to survive we have to march on, beyond the pain. This is a full life-changing experience for the entire planet that does not have to have a sad ending. Just like with the wave of globalization, we can get crushed by it or we can ride with it into the future. You can guess what we have already chosen!

On this positive note, I would like to remind you that we have put together some amazing gift boxes for the approaching Holiday Season. You can have a look at them here.

Our boxes of beautiful fragrances have something for everyone. So, whether it's for the fragrance connoisseur in your life, for the adventurous friend, or for that special friend who supports you no matter what, we have unique Christmas boxes to show our gratitude. These are little luxuries that people are treating themselves to in order to create a comforting, spa-like environment at home but also in their hearts.

Building resiliency in yourself and in the sectors of your life is always a good idea and, in today’s world, it is absolutely critical. If you want to simplify resiliency down to its core, you can do so by breaking resiliency down into two things. The first is your ability to withstand adversity. The second is your ability to adapt well in the face of adversity. By branching out offering new services, Notorious Stories is showing its resilience, because it is able to withstand and also to adapt to new challenges.


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