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Vestra Luxury Candles – Your Emotions in a Pot

For the last two years, the crazy-making changes of the Pandemic put the world in a constant state of stressful vigilance. It felt like we were all crossing Dante’s “dark woods of error” facing the most difficult moments of our life.

This feeling of being in a crashing car, on the passenger seat, eroded even the most optimistic of us. Hence, a lot of people developed anxiety-related problems and the “positive energy movement” took a nosedive that looked like the road of no return.

It just occurred to me that I should not write about these experiences in the past tense. They are still here, as scary as they used to be and we are still searching for long-term solutions or – for that matter – short time fixes that would make the rates of mass depression less depressing.

Under these sad and seemingly endless, exasperating circumstances, the great majority of us, have tried to find comfort and solace in our own homes (where else, right?….). The buzz words everywhere were – and still are – “serenity”, “wellness”, “wellbeing” and others of the same “well plus” family.

In a survival-emergency type of exercise, the beauty, health, and cosmetic industries have quickly adapted by creating new ways to facilitate the trend of make your own spa at home. An explosion of ideas brought on the market all sorts of products from oils, perfumes, gadgets, redecorating tips, and last, but not least …scented candles.

This inflation of methods able to create for us the environment to support our “thriving” while crossing the Inferno is rather confusing for the consumer. Having so many new choices puts more strain on the tired minds and brings forward the “zen masters” – most of them fake and self-entitled with their fake serene smiles….

The business of scented candles has definitely received a push in the pandemic and that explains why so many of the companies that have emerged lately, decided to pursue this line of products.

Vestra Candles is a company that was born in the mind and heart of Salvatore, an Italian who decided to move to London and make his dreams come true. He created these candles with the intention of capturing emotions, using the best raw materials in the world, and with particular care for the environment.

Salvatore developed his business in collaboration with the best experts from Grasse, France, the international Mecca of perfumery. Vestra candles are ethically sourced, with deep respect for the planet and a profound commitment to the principles of sustainability. Each candle is entirely handmade and the whole chain of production is strictly supervised and in compliance with the values of the founder.

What is truly impressive about this brand is Quality. These are scented candles that offer a beautiful experience, making our space like an oasis of tranquility in the middle of a fast spinning world. The philosophy of the brand is something that restores our hope in humanity and in its awakening concerning our actions on this planet.


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