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A star is born – Givenchy, Les Separables

Givenchy, Les Separables collection

The 50’s, what a time to be alive. A time of vintage grace, an era when manners, kindness, and classicism were the ultimate trends. Tailored silhouettes, vinyl records, jazz accords, and cigarettes created a poetic tableau after the atrocities held by the previous decade. The collateral beauty of each crisis is the art rising at the surface and its masterminds. This decade gave us Hubert de Givenchy: a visionary who wrote history with every sew, creation, and idea. The sophisticated clientele was in a constant longing for understated luxury, clean lines, and French spirit and Givenchy was right there, ready to deliver.

The entire world was reborn from the ashes and so did fashion. He rapidly understood what women want: stability and change, mystery and certainty, everything and nothing, quality over quantity, comfort, and mode. In that golden époque, he understood better than anybody else that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, no matter their shape, so he gifted the world a piece of jewelry: his first collection titled “LES SEPARABLES”. He designed blouses and skirts from cotton t-shirts that could be worn in any combination, proving that imagination has no limits. What the modern woman would call today “a capsule wardrobe” put him on Vogue’s pedestal, the magazine which rightfully wrote “A star is born” next to his name.

Givenchy, Les Separables collection

Through the years, Givenchy created over one hundred perfumes that honored scent and mesmerized me, but LA COLLECTION PARTICULIERE is “autre chose”. Paying homage to Hubert de Givenchy’s first fashion collection, there are thirteen unique fragrances crowned by the fourteenth: “ACCORD PARTICULIER”, which is "la piece du resistance". Worn alone or combined with one of the others, it gives that distinctive feeling, grace to the damask rose and patchouli notes. It is like a spotlight, made to intensify other fragrances or your true self. The bottle itself wears the iconic little black dress, inviting you to discover more and leaving something to the imagination.

On the other hand, TROUBLE-FETE promises much from the way it looks, to the way it smells. It doesn’t hide at all. It is transparent, willing to take you on vacation in the South of France, where, under the fig tree’s shadow, Hubert de Givenchy found his inspiration for so many summers. This perfume is proof that gourmand notes such as sambac jasmine and tonka bean make everything better. It is a story about a boy who has shaken the fashion ground from the first time he put his hands on a pair of scissors and continues doing it so many decades later.

Givenchy, Les Separables collection

At the young age of just 24, with well-developed skills and a strong, defined taste, Hubert de Givenchy became a creator of identities. He dared to challenge his destiny, by opening his own fashion house without the fear of new beginnings. He knew that his life story was meant to be a success. DESINVOLTE is a woody-floral perfume that encapsulates the Givenchy spirit with its jasmine, vetiver, and tuberose note.

This brilliant mind adored simplicity. For him, unnecessary complexity was synonymous with decadence. His appetite for minimalism translates today into SANS ARTIFICE, a fragrance that cherishes one of the finest teas in the world: imperial white tea. Known for its delicate flavor, it is harvested by hand two or three days a year. It’s the rarity that makes it so valuable. This scent combines bergamot, rosa centifolia, and cedarwood, leaving a feminine scent trail.

For Givenchy, the night was a great muse. It was time for introspection, brainstorming, and creation. NOCTAMBULE is bottled during nighttime. Just like the stars, the rose, and papyrus accord notes shine bright beside this sky’s moon: the opulent oud.

Givenchy, Les Separables collection

Hubert de Givenchy loved women so much, that he decided to give them wings, to fly over cities and hearts. Using feathers as items of unparalleled elegance, he created pieces that withstand the test of time. If I were to describe OISEAU RARE using a metaphor, it would certainly be a woman: soft and delicate at the first gaze, strong and powerful when life throws her a battle, with tenderness in gestures and strength in speech. Vanilla absolute, vibrant Virginia cedarwood, and Sri Lankan pepper – one can’t go unnoticed wearing this perfume.

The couturier dreamt of a woman who was free of anything meant to hold her still: from clothes to beliefs. The couturier took his inspiration from his close friends who always challenged and revolutionized the idea of femininity: Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Grace of Monaco, and his muse: Audrey Hepburn.

INDOMPTÉ is the incarnation of power. This scent creates a sense of confidence to explore your inner wildness. It doesn’t whisper its desires, it shouts with its Sicilian mandarin notes, spicy saffron, and oud, inviting you to talk a walk on the adventurous side of style.

Givenchy, Les Separables collection

SANS MERCI is more than a statement. This fragrance is fruity, deep, with a whisky accord which makes itself observed since the first instance and conveys a sense of ruthlessness. It is unforgiving and breaks all the rules, just as the beloved creator did. The fragrance of patchouli becomes more pronounced and complex as time passes by, creating an alluring scent. It demands attention, and admiration while striking an olfactive balance and pushing the limits of what is considered conventional in the fragrance industry.

GARCON MARQUÉ is an expression of the myth of the androgynous. The Osmanthus flower and Grasse leather are a reminder that we all have a Wonderwoman and Superman within us. This fragrance draws all the attention grace to its contrasting complexity: fruity, yet animal, gentle, yet powerful, feminine, yet masculine, altogether. The floral leathery notes make this perfume a paradox that can be sensed.

ENFLAMMÉ is a poem in which all the passion of the world has gathered. Madagascar black vanilla sur-absolute is the epitome of seduction, raising this perfume to the rank of art. It is something truly inexplicable, which can only be felt, not described. The smooth and creamy scent is emphasized by notes of Tobacco, transforming this perfume into the epitome of seduction. Accompanied by the star of the collection, Accord Particulier, an explosion of passion is imminent.

Givenchy, Les Separables collection

FOUDROYANT is a deep scent that paints a halo around you. The subtle smell of oud notes and amber makes this perfume stand out. The ingredients’ high quality reminds us of Givenchy’s aristocratic background, offering the best quality, performance, and projection.

MMW is coded elegance and a large forest of the unknown, thanks to its palo santo and cedarwoods olfactory notes. Opening up with fresh notes, it guides you back to nature, with its smooth and calming aroma. It is luxe and comfortable altogether, giving you the atmosphere of a secluded, exclusive mountain cabin.

Ambiguity lets space and time for the unknown. It is an open invitation to be free-spirited, playful, and joyful. ÉQUIVOQUE gifts a multi-faceted experience to the wearer, grace to the cardamom notes, one of the finest spices which provides amazing longevity to the fragrance. The ingredients of this perfume are a homage brought to patience and quality: cardamom is carefully picked by hand, while oud demands several decades for being picked. This perfume transforms itself leaving much to the imagination, being an olfactive metaphor for liberty.

Givenchy, Les Separables collection

FAUX SEMBLANT is a piece of olfactive gold with precious amber notes of honey. Deep, rich, and sensual, its Moroccan Orange Blossom Absolute and Australian Sandalwood Album Essence take you on a journey to exotic places. This Eau de Parfum intense exudes a cozy and inviting warmth, often associated with comfort and sensuality.

These perfumes, made in France in the Givenchy Ateliers, bring back the elegance of other times, with a modern twist. I don’t like living in the past, but I love visiting it from time to time. Hubert de Givenchy left behind a whole legacy. The époque which holds a nostalgic appeal for many is now being bottled, so I invite you to seize the opportunity and get a glimpse of it.

In Romania, the collection is available only in Sephora Baneasa Shopping City - Bucharest.

Givenchy, Les Separables collection


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