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A strangelove for natural ingredients and pure oud

In one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, there are numerous wonders which intertwine and overstimulate the senses, but there is one unique thing which fascinated New Yorkers since 2013: Oud.

With a deep commitment to sustainability, Elizabeth Gaynes founded strangelove as a way of declaring her adoration for scent creation. Each one of her fragrances has a never-ending love affair with Oud, as her expertise in the perfume industry began with the primary and crucial step to every scented creation: sourcing. She pioneered in this domain by working for plantations in the flavors and fragrance industry. Through sustainable farming practices, she discovered one of the most expensive ingredients which made her fall in love irremediably.

As an expression of their deep commitment to the highest quality, she uses pure oud in all of her fragrances.

Being one of the most expensive oils in the world, the preciousness of oud also comes from its rarity. Oud has a complex and intense smell, impossible to describe in words. It vibrates in any composition, being as intense as its cost.

This brand’s team, formed entirely of creative and sophisticated women, created a strong identity which is synonymous with luxury for the trained senses.

The first product envisioned was a pure perfume oil which later became an "eau de parfum" called deadofnight, as well as an all-over oil for face, hair, and body. The most sensual smell one could ever imagine, with notes of Damask Rose, vanilla balsam, sandalwood, amber, musk, and of course, the brightest star on the night’s sky – oud. This intriguing smell enchanted the Harrods’ hallways, being one of the few niche fragrances for their newly launched Salon de Parfum, in London. The store’s long-standing reputation for high standards is another confirmation that strangelove is bottled sophistication..

meltmyheart is a newyorkese romance novel, reminding me of The Great Gatsby’s great love story. Rich, warm, and opulent, it is something that Daisy Buchanan would linger on her skin in her pursuit of wealth, grace to the exquisite and rare ingredients it beholds. The oriental fragrance contains orris butter, which is a one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable ingredient, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, absinthe, dark chocolate, and French sage.

silencethesea is the piercing look in your lover’s eye. It is the nuance of a velvety and marine iris, with the pupil that enlarges when the space shrinks between the two of you. Animalic, restless, and passionate, it draws all the attention thanks to the pure ambergris, narcissus, tuberose absolute, white truffle, and, of course, oud. This is not a simple fragrance, it is the spell of mermaids which bewitched even the skilled sailors.

lostinflowers is the smell of the first bouquet you receive on a spring morning. It smells like the very beginning of a soul connection when you finally find the one you’ve been searching for. It intoxicates you delicately, with innocent opening notes of jasmine and champaca. Later, this fragrance reveals its seductive facet made of gardenia enfleurage, saffron, and the beloved oud.

fallintostars is the epitome of a candle-lit dinner, followed by memories you could never disclose. The pure Indian oud doesn’t grant you just a simple star. It grants you a whole galaxy, with its alluring notes of rosewood, and the confidence exuded by amber and pink peppercorns. Such enchanting ingredients contribute to the enigmatic effect which takes you to another dimension.

With attention to details that can’t go unnoticed, each bottle is minimalistic and made from the finest French glass, crowned with a 24-karat gold-plated cap carefully designed upon the golden ratio of beauty.

For those who don’t keep their scent a secret, a precious gold-plated perfume oil necklace might be their signature accessory.

A careful blend of beauty, science, knowledge, and scent makes strangelove stand out on the shelves in boutiques worldwide, from Europe to North America, Asia, and the Middle East.


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