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Agatho Parfum - Excellence in Innovative Perfumery

Agatho Parfum - Trittico

The Roman Empire, the ancient city of Pompeii and the volcanic ash of Vesuvius are a few phrases that transport us to a certain time and place. It is said that in most of the empire's territory, the language of communication and often even the official language was not Latin but Greek. Another thing the Romans took from the Greeks and further cultivated, the language of communication, is perfume. Evidence shows that the Greeks were completely obsessed with smells. They perfumed themselves, their rooms and furniture. They are said to have used perfumes so much that some laws, especially in times of war, had to regulate, limit or temporarily ban perfumes, to save the resources needed to defend the empire. The Romans continued the custom, except that while the Greeks mainly used single-type perfumes, the Romans began to combine them more and more. Thus, workshops for specific perfumes and individual perfumes with their names and recipes began to appear for the first time in history. This is, in fact, the basis of perfumes and perfume brands as we know them today.

So, since ancient times, human beings have felt a deep need to surround themselves with beauty.

Related to the above, Agathó - the name of the local perfumer and soap maker - is said to come from the Greek word 'αγαθό', meaning 'good'. It could have been his name, trademark, or workshop's trademark. It is doubtful whether he was a local craftsman who immigrated from another part of the empire or simply liked the name. It is known for certain, however, that in ancient Pompeii, Agatho, the famous master perfumer, created ointments for the aristocracy of the Roman Empire. According to legend, the master perfumer was so gifted with flair and had such a profound knowledge of materials that his essences were considered the work of the gods.

In a warm and welcoming land, surrounded by the scent of citrus and where aromatic herbs and sweet fig aromas permeate the air, Agatho Parfum has emerged and taken root. The company was born in 2018, thanks to the artistic experience of Alessandro Bianchi, the current CEO of the House. As part of the House's focused journey of creativity and exploration, Alessandro decided to give a modern twist to the historic Pompeian fragrance tradition, developing elegant and refined fragrances rich in culture and character.

Since its inception, Agatho Parfum has successfully penetrated the complex international luxury fragrance market, immediately winning over the public and reaffirming its winning philosophy, forged on the ancient glories of the legendary Vezuvian city. This refined and innovative company had the ingenious idea of rediscovering the essence and preciousness of those ancient perfumes while giving them a new life as part of an exclusive and contemporary olfactory project.

Agatho Parfum is an olfactory project that rediscovers and celebrates the excellence of these ointments and gives a contemporary touch to the olfactory world by using natural materials of the highest quality. The scenes and events of Pompeii inspire the brand's individual scents.

If the perfumery of Pompeii served as inspiration for the manufacture of perfumes, in terms of packaging it was the old porcelain factory Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte, founded in the area in 1740 by Charles de Bourbon, known at the time as Charles IV, King of Naples and Sicily. 

Local traditions are all about quality, materials and their luxurious workmanship, the resulting fragrances are extremely modern and remarkable. Quality everywhere, unique, extraordinary creations, are things that will not fade. The brand is reminiscent of exquisite treasures down to the last detail, whether it's the content, the cover, or the philosophy behind it, in every possible context. 

Agatho Parfum, hand made bottle caps

All Agatho perfumes boast an unmistakable creative imprint, visible both in their design and in their olfactory quality. The excellence of these creations is ensured by the high-quality raw materials - fine ingredients that are expertly combined - and further enhanced by the handmade bottle caps: authentic works of art in themselves, with a refined and innovative design, made according to the artisan processes of Capodimonte porcelain.

Agatho Parfum, hand made bottle caps

Analyzing Agatho's brand portfolio, we see that the first edition of perfumes was created in 2019, the Pompei Collection, which contains the perfumes Rosso Pompeiano, Giardino di Ercole, Fauno, Casti Amanti, Adone, 195a.C., a collection that was completed in 2022 with Sileno. The seven unforgettable essences of the Pompei Collection will take you on an enchanting olfactory journey, thanks to the artistic and creative mastery of Agatho Parfum - absolute excellence in the Italian luxury perfumery sector. 

In a 10ml version, with elegant packaging, the exclusive fragrance of the Pompeii Collection is the answer to the search for elegance on the move, to a dynamic lifestyle, being the perfect companion for travels, and adventures. You can turn every journey into an unforgettable sensory experience using Agatho fragrances in travel format. The elegant and refined Agatho Parfum sample set invites you to immerse yourself in the wonders of the legendary Pompeii and discover all the charm infused in this eponymous collection.

Agatho's latest fragrances were launched this year, 2024, and are grouped into two collections: Olympia - with the fragrances Forzapura and Bronzeo, and the Mytho Collection which includes the fragrances Terraviva, Seigiorni and Olimpoverde.

Every fragrance has a story, but few can tell an epic of passion and mythology like Adone, a fragrance from the Pompeii Collection. It is a fragrance of legend, opening with seductive blackcurrant notes and vibrant grapefruit, evoking the fiery and dangerous love between the young Adonis and the goddess Aphrodite. You'll likely be surprised by a light flutter of wings, with cheerful citrus notes and sparkling pink peppercorns, which unfolds into a pulsating floral heart. The daytime brilliance of white lily alternates with the nocturnal intensity of jasmine, creating a quivering enchantment, sealed by the sweetness of musk and the enveloping embrace of wisteria. Adone ends with a soft, sensual base, suggesting the suffering of the goddess.

Suppose Adone probably leads you to another noble perfume brand (L'Adoné). In that case, I invite you to discover the other perfumes and collections in the Agatho portfolio, to know how you feel wearing them and what memories they bring back. 

By choosing Agatho niche perfumes, you will discover the experience of innovative perfumery and the excellence of the highest quality natural materials.


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