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AMOUAGE – Exceptional Extraits and the pursuit of happiness

The American Constitution is the only one in the world that states the right of every citizen to “pursue happiness”. This provision always made me wonder…what exactly I am doing in pursuit of my own happiness. What kind of actions are necessary to make me whole and accomplished and in integrity with my life purpose?

I keep telling myself that it is not my job to fix others, it is ok to get angry, I have the right to my own feelings and nobody has to agree with me. Wise people I try to emulate say that what we think, we become, what we feel, we attract and what we imagine, we create… I only wish it was that easy…

My pursue of happiness involves cruising - on a regular basis- the niche perfumeries all over the world, or…to be more precise, the shops I get to visit in my travels (those who follow me know I am a passionate traveler, both for business and also for my own selfish pleasure).

Walking into a niche perfumery makes me want to give up my conscious self. I enter with the sense of total surrender but with my hopes high in the sky. What is new, what is truly remarkable, what is groundbreaking and acutely important for my perpetually thirsty appetite for exquisite perfumes…

I treat every visit to these spaces with respect and thrilling anticipation as I would treat a new acquaintance. Are they interesting enough to justify my interest in them, my time dedicated to knowing them?

Every time I step into one of these stores (it doesn’t matter if they are big or tiny) my heart is prepared for the special feeling required for a unique experience. I must confess, I am always drawn to the AMOUAGE counter because they have new scents quite often, and they never disappoint.

The dome-like tops and the colorful display of bottles is extremely appealing to me, especially knowing their history and brand philosophy. AMOUAGE is a niche perfumery house that does not need a lot of introduction. Their amazing creations have won them a strong reputation and perfume lovers appreciate the quality and uniqueness of their fragrances.

The most praised brands in the world – such as AMOUAGE – are faced with a huge pressure to always bring to life amazing products and innovative scents that would take the world of “connoisseurs” by surprise. This is no easy task…this involves a long journey, from an inspired vision to the actual product.

I have been recently introduced to the quartet of four Exceptional Extraits. Concentrated at the highest industry standards and aged between three to six months at the House’s Manufacture in Oman, Honour 43 Woman, Epic 56 Woman, Reflection 45 Man and Interlude 53 Man are indeed the jewels perfume lovers are excited to enjoy.

In the words of Renaud Salmon, Amouage's Chief Experience Officer, this collection "came to life from our ambition to craft the very best perfumes we could offer. They started as an instinctive experiment because, although Amouage has created Extraits in the past, none of them had been aged to this extent at such concentrations, containing between 43% and 56% pure oils”.

These little gems are the result of a sophisticated process of aging that allows them to shine and express their exquisite personality. After a few weeks, the concentrates reach a point of maturation. Then, alcohol is carefully added and it is left to do its magic.

This stunning metamorphosis is strictly observed and supervised as the components interact with each other in a complex alchemy between science and art. This unique approach has taken the perfumery industry by surprise and has consolidated AMOUAGE’s reputation as a leading high-end perfume House around the globe.

The Exceptional Extraits, with their unusually high concentration of pure oils (ranging between 43% and 56%), are created in limited quantities and are presented in luxurious recipients that are worthy of the most spectacular collections.

Honour 43 Woman (43% perfume oil concentration) is a fragrance originally created in 2011 by perfumer Alexandra Carlin. A symphony of white flowers such as Jasmine, Tuberose, Gardenia, and Lily of the Valley, Honour 43 is a beautiful tribute to youth and the energy of life. In spite of the deceiving floral notes, its depth and richness are outstanding.

Epic 56 Woman is the result of almost five months of aging process. Created in 2009 by the exceptional perfumer Cecile Zarokian, this is a marvelous combination of spices and amber around a rose heart. Inspired by the legends of the Silk Road, Epic Woman is a poetic dance between shadows and lights, brought together in a unique construction of contradictions.

Based on a fragrance created in 2007 by Lucas Sieuzac, Reflection 45 Man strikes unexpected aromatic notes, like velvety orris and creamy florals, revealing all the characteristics of a winning masculine fragrance. A paradox of softness and strength, this luxurious scent brings forward a sublime wave of vetiver and patchouli.

Interlude 53 Man, a spicy woody scent, is the super concentrated version (53% dosage) of perfumer Pierre Negrin’s iconic creation, revealing “subtle notes of resins in fusion, like candied honey pouring into a tumultuous flow of dark and smoky woods”. The top notes are Bergamot, Oregano, Pimento Berry and the heart consists of Amber, Frankincense, Cistus, and Opoponax.

At the end of a hectic week, which was not very successful for my personal “pursuit of happiness”, I am thinking that some people are praying for the things we are taking for granted. Consequently, I am quietly and gratefully contemplating the four exquisite AMOUAGE flacons, perfectly aligned in their white box. I treasure them because they represent perfection in so many ways…from the outstanding juice to the remarkable recipients, they encapsulate the epitome of perfume mastery.

The elegance they evoke makes me think of the effort and knowledge put in by the experts and artists at AMOUAGE. The patience and the hope, the confidence and perseverance inspire me and take me to a place of calm and awe.

Some brands have become legends, and they deserve to be legends. But legends fade, and their value is then mostly in the stories about them, lessons to future generations, on what to do…what not to do…But AMOUAGE is not interested in becoming a story just yet. So, it changes with the times.

This is a brand determined to do something not only for itself but also for the benefit of mankind. They have evolved to a starring role because they understood that if you want to live up to your potential, instead of spiraling, you MUST find a way to shift the paradigm. You must create something big and bold, because it is not enough to compete…You must win…Then, and only then, you can rest assured that you truly pursued your happiness…


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