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Celebrating the Australian Spirit – Ingenious Ginger

Ingenious Ginger - Goldfield & Banks Australia niche perfume

When we say Australia, our minds are invaded by the endless blue of the shores, the endless expanse of reddish land, the charm of dense forests, rushing waterfalls and reflecting lakes, surrounded by lush flora, countless shades of green, the flame red of ginger flowers, distinctive flavors. Combined, all of these elements create alluring scenery with a splash of color; they make up the nature of a magical destination. From this year, 2023, when we say Australia, we can also think of an olfactory product from Goldfield & Banks, in which the nature of Australia is gracefully translated: Ingenious Ginger. Goldfield & Banks is one of a handful of fragrance houses that have tried to capture the olfactory spirit of Australia. Ingenious Ginger's fairytale flair transports us to the fantastical beauty of Australia.

Ingenious Ginger - Goldfield & Banks Australia niche perfume

With this fragrance, Goldfield & Banks presents the latest creation from the Native Collection - a luxurious and precious collection of fragrances featuring pure and rare, exceptional Australian essences and unexplored oils. The world's finest ingredients are blended with the rare and precious essences of wild Australia to create a unique collection of fragrances. Each product in the Native Collection is dedicated to an ingredient native to Australia and has a 'star' amongst the indigenous ingredients, which is treated in all its glory. This new olfactory creation from Goldfield & Banks expresses one of the most beloved tropical flowers, which grows abundantly in the humid tropics. The unique aroma of ginger blossoms forms the essence of Ingenious Ginger and, in Goldfield & Banks' interpretation, exudes a longing sound, kissed by the rays of the sun. The creator behind this fragrance is Hamid Merati-Kashani.

Ingenious Ginger - Goldfield & Banks Australia niche perfume - honey and lemon

Considered an abstract, uplifting, inspiring, transcendent, and seductive fragrance, Ingenious Ginger represents the olfactory image of the ginger flower and brilliant olfactory imagination, which Goldfield & Banks pack into the geometric house bottle and complete with a gold cap.

This citrusy scent of sun-kissed mandarin, spicy ginger, elegant white flowers, and warm, enveloping amber is an unforgettable olfactory experience. Ingenious Ginger reveals the instant feeling of nature in a fairytale destination. This fragrance is an invitation to celebrate the extraordinary beauty and botanical richness of Australia.

Ingenious Ginger - Goldfield & Banks Australia niche perfume - ginger

Ingenious Ginger opens exuberantly, awakening the senses like the olfactory equivalent of a radiant sunrise. The burst of bergamot is amplified by the Australian accord of ginger and lemon blossom, the sparkle of Brazilian mandarin, and the shimmering aura of Chinese magnolia, continuing with rose and jasmine blossoms caressed by sensuously scented mandarin at the heart of the fragrance. Their floral tones rest on a base that emulates the golden sunset above the treetops of the rainforest. The composition's lightly luminous foundation is provided by soft creamy notes of Australian sandalwood and mysterious tones of Indonesian patchouli, alongside luscious vanilla and seductive musk, cashmere, and sensual amber. A brilliant Australian sunrise and sunset: Ingenious Ginger!

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