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KINETIC Perfumes Barcelona – Unique Fragrances Inspired by Emotions

In my constant search for mind-blowing fragrances, I often come across traditional niche brands that have a complicated lineage and heritage, sometimes with hundreds of years of experience under their belt, with a well-crafted philosophy and an even better marketing strategy.

It is a well-known fact that, in perfumery, tradition and “pedigree” is a strong asset and an important bonus. But in my experience, even if a house like that has produced a long line of successful fragrances, there is no guarantee that ALL their releases will necessarily be a success.

Now, I know what you are going to say…” success” means so many things to so many people. In perfumery, success is when a brand becomes known for its consistent and relentless effort to produce quality, innovative and memorable scents. For sure, there are many other factors at play, such as the aesthetic of the bottle and presentation, marketing, distribution and availability, word to mouth a.k.a. “modern influencers” and others….

In our fast-paced world, tradition and innovation are no longer at war, sometimes they come together in perfect harmony, just like “yin and yang”. They are also independent contesters, helping brands to gain a place in the consumer’s heart and, hopefully, shopping bag.

I was recently pleasantly surprised to come across a new brand (and when I say “new” I mean 2022), which has released 7 fragrances this same year. How’s that for a super-nova effect…Testing these scents made me think that often, tradition is overrated, because when it comes to quality things are more complicated.

The name of the brand is KINETIC PERFUMES BARCELONA and, just like everybody else, my first thought was: what is the connection between the name and the background of the brand. In his infinite wisdom, dr. Google says that “kinetic energy is a form of energy that an object or a particle has by reason of its motion”. On deeper investigation/research, I got a little bit dizzy and overwhelmed with scientific terms, so I gave up and went back to the lighter correlation of the word with the art world.

I remembered that a friend of mine is doing “kinetic sculptures”. Kinetic art is art from any medium that contains movement perceivable by the viewer or that depends on motion for its effect. And, just like that, it became clearer to me that this brand had an original view on creation of perfumes.

KINETIC is - in the words of its creator - a niche perfume brand created with an ambition to transfer inspirations, memories and emotions into scent that becomes a part of us every single day, the perfume we choose to wear.” Reading this “manifesto” I had what Oprah would call an “Aha moment”. Of course, the fragrances we are wearing are becoming an integral part of ourselves, of course, they complete our personality, and of course, they help us express ourselves in an artistic way.

The dependent relation between motion and energy creates a multidimensional universe, one that always surrounds us. In all forms of artistic expression, like music, painting or sculptures, there is a kind of artistic energy which reflects feelings and memories of its creator. The art of perfume is no different.

The ambition of this brand is to create fragrances that are a tribute to different emotions. To achieve this goal, KINETIC has trusted the creative process into the hands of two amazing and experienced perfumers: Chris Maurice and Mark Buxton.

Chris Maurice (a.k.a. Christian Carbonnel) is a perfumer, but also an “ambassador” for his family-owned company, Carbonnel, in Spain. His grandfather, Maurice Carbonnel, was a French perfumer who moved to Spain to produce essential oils. Now, the family company is in Barcelona, and the business is in its third generation.

Mark Buxton was born in England, grew up close to Hamburg and fell in love with Paris over 20 years ago. Mark Buxton was a talented perfumer but, above all, a hedonist, wine connoisseur, cook, with a passion for antiques, especially for art deco style. He worked for many prestigious brands such as Givenchy, Versace, Van Cleef & Arpels, Paco Rabanne, Lagerfeld, Burberrys, Cartier, Chopard, Ferré.

KINETIC PERFUMES BARCELONA is indeed a very young brand but its one that is up and coming. It has a certain irresistible appeal, and its success is undeniable. The fragrances (Aura, Kayu, L’Una, Nel, Sillage, Unreal and Verdigris) are each one a gem of perfumery, with very distinct individuality.

From spicy notes and fruity accords to Vanilla, Virginia Cedar, Incense and Guaiac Wood the notes are strong and enchanting. The blending of natural ingredients is surprising and harmonious, and the scents linger in the air for a long time, as a constant reminder of your previous presence.

I admire the courage of this brand to come out - just like fireworks and champagne on New Year’s Eve… here I am World, in all my youth and with all my fears. That is how I came out in the niche perfumery scene. All enthusiasm and energy and movement and… hope. This brand reminds me of myself so how can I not love it… And you will love it, too, just give it a chance!


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