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L'ADONÉ Parfums - the extended universe of love and beauty

Remember L'ADONÉ Parfums, the niche perfumery brand founded in 2016 by Leila Ayach, which I told you about last summer?

Environmentally friendly, this brand is pedestaled by its love for the planet and its inhabitants. Its specific love messages urge us to always keep in mind our own path and our own desires. The 81 love messages that can be read on the brand's website are designed to increase self-esteem, confidence, and optimism.

The philosophy of this brand reflects the founder's passion for fragrance and beautiful things in all their forms.

L'Adone ELENYA azur

The noble ELENYA collection, produced in small, limited quantities - developed by Andreas Wilhelm, a talented Swiss perfumer who goes against the general trends - included four fragrances within the last years: ELENYA Azur, ELENYA Gold, ELENYA white, and ELENYA black. These scents are the embodiment of what the French call "L'Art de la Simplicite". The refined compositions take us on an imaginary journey full of harmony. Messages of love are gently spread to the world through L'ADONÉ creations.

L'Adone ELENYA gold

Created in Switzerland and manufactured in Switzerland and France respectively, the ELENYA collection has recently been enriched with two wonderful new products: ELENYA purple and ELENYA silver, created by the same Zurich perfumer Andreas Wilhelm. Alongside the already well-known L'ADONÉ creations, each of these is a masterpiece of perfumery, a creation made from the heart, a message of love.

L'Adone ELENYA white
ELENYA white

ELENYA Purple is a fine, warm, and woody floral fragrance. It opens with notes of jasmine, rose, pink pepper, and rhubarb, accented by oriental notes of cedar and leather. Its base is rounded off with a note of patchouly, honey, and vetiver. Like the color purple, ELENYA purple is passionate, powerful, and independent, uniting the energy and power of red with the spirituality and integrity of blue; a fragrance whose character inspires spiritual self-awareness.

L'Adone ELENYA black
ELENYA black

Warm, earthy, and floral, ELENYA silver is a fragrance designed to take you on a fluid and emotional journey into the subconscious, into the secrets of your inner being. Opening with top notes of peach, fig, and ylang-ylang, the middle notes of violet and musk are beautifully rounded off with pink pepper and sandalwood. Just as silver is a sophisticated color, associated with prestige and prosperity, soothing and purifying, yet mystical and elegant, ELENYA silver reflects these attributes in some way.

Very resistant on the skin, these noble and exceptional fragrance compositions present a timeless, high-quality design. To create them, the ingredients are chosen according to rigorous criteria, contain no harmful ingredients, and are vegan. The ingredients carefully selected by L'ADONÉ and used in the house's creations are of the highest quality. The fragrance compounds do not contain any animal by-products. Neither do the manufacturing and processing methods include products of animal origin. There is no room for cruelty in the house of love.

L'Adone ELENYA silver
ELENYA silver

With such concern and care for customers and planet Earth, L'ADONÉ continues to earn respect and consideration. This brand does not follow fashion trends and does not cater to the masses. It identifies with the art of creating noble fragrances, full of expression and fascination.

L'ADONÉ's universe is translated into unique, soulful paintings. Each painting reflects the beauty and perfection of his own soul. Through silent contemplation and the effect of painting in the direct environment a loving touch and interaction with your soul, with yourself, is created. Inspirations come into your life, into your own path. The soulful messages become a gateway to yourself. Each message is a life companion, and the energy never stops flowing.

Thus, it is a real pleasure to explore and experience the beauty of the extended universe of L'ADONÉ Parfums - love for the planet and its inhabitants.

L'Adone ELENYA purple
L'Adone ELENYA purple


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