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L'ADONÉ Parfums – The Messages of Love

The world wide web presents us with numerous advantages and even more intricate challenges. Internet has an abundance of wisdom, gathered from around the world and then spread in all cardinal points for good measure.

We are constantly flooded with information, some new, some old and we desperately try to navigate a space in which the social interaction seems more and more like the “zero sum game”, meaning that “my gain is obligatory your loss”.

Society encourages us to do things we detest, to buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like. This is indeed one of the sick paradoxes of the modern times, along with the insane conviction which pushes us to celebrate being busy as a measurement of importance and success.

It is against this background that I refreshingly discovered a new brand of perfumery which I would like to introduce to you, my trustworthy and loyal community: L'ADONÉ Parfums. The company was set up by Leila Ayach in 2016. The fragrances are created in Zurich (Switzerland) and produced in Grasse (France). They are available in selected locations from Austria, Bahrain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

The name L’ADONÉ comes from Ladon, the Greek mythological dragon placed in the Garden of Hesperides to protect the golden apples. According to legend, Ladon was defeated by Hercules and placed among the stars.

The first thing that surprised me as unusual about this brand is that if you go to their website ( you can find a unique chapter entitled “81 Messages of love from L'ADONÉ”.

The preamble of this original marketing strategy goes as follows:” L’ADONÉ is not just about exclusive Extrait de Parfums, but about messages to touch the soul and heart. Out of this intention, the 81 messages of love have been created, which should inspire you to never lose sight of your own path and your own desires.”

Pushed by my own curiosity, I have read all 81 messages of love and I was astonished. They were all words of encouragement, support and inspiration, words we often hear from a beloved parent or a life-long friend, words that we should tell ourselves every day. They are meant to enhance our self-esteem, optimism, and confidence.

And… it got me thinking. How amazing can a brand be to do such a thing, to have such a unique preoccupation and care for their customers. I think this is a most commendable initiative, one that instantly gained my respect and consideration.

Now, to go back to the business of perfume, I have to say that their exclusive ELENYA Collection, produced in small, limited quantities has taken me by surprise, as well. The developer of the ELENYA line is Andreas Wilhelm, a talented Swiss perfumer who is not afraid to go against the general trends.

The minimalist presentation, with clean lines and the refined concept of each fragrance reminded me of a book, written by Greg McKeown, entitled “Essentialism- The Disciplined Pursuit of Less”. He argues that essentialism is not about how to get more things done, it’s about how to get the right things done. In the world of perfumery, where not always “less is more” it takes courage to eliminate the non-essential, and in my opinion, this is exactly what L'ADONÉ has done.

ELENYA Collection comprises only four fragrances but each one of them is a masterpiece of perfumery (Elenya Azur, Elenya Gold, Elenya White and Elenya Black). The ingredients are chosen according to rigorous criteria, they do not contain any harmful components, also being cruelty free and vegan.

The origin of Elenya Azur stems from Grasse, the “world capital of perfumery” on the beautiful Côte d’Azur. This might be classified as an Oriental Woody composition, with daring but non-intrusive teak wood, violet rose blossoms and a little contribution from the saffron. To make things even more interesting, the perfumer added eaglewood, leather, and tobacco.

Elenya Gold is a sumptuous, royal-like fragrance which takes us to the world of precious metals and sparkling stones. However, this is a multifaceted composition that is also fit for light and airy occasions. As an oriental floral scent, ELENYA Gold is an ode to beauty, and it is a harmonious combination of black orchid and Sicilian bergamot. The spicy notes of cardamon are accented by sandalwood and coconut. The shy vetiver has also a role in toning down the outgoing oriental hints.

Mysterious and sensual, Elenya White defines the sublime elegance of a desirable woman, with a base note of patchouli and sandalwood. This is also an oriental floral scent accomplished with magical ingredients such as jasmine, iris, bergamot, and tuberose.

And finally, Elenya Black, is an invitation to admire and contemplate the night sky, and its constellations. This is a warm, spicy oriental scent which balances olibanum frankincense with pink pepper, ylang-ylang and bergamot. This fragrance conjures all the secrets of the night, encouraged by amber, labdanum, patchouli, and tonka.

Truthful to the vision of its founder, Leila Ayach, this brand is built on love for the planet and for its inhabitants. Her passion for perfumes and beautiful things in all their forms is reflected in the philosophy of this brand, which is determined to go ahead, in all simplicity, guided by honesty and perennial human values.

Ethically sourced and kind to the environment, L'ADONÉ Parfums is one of my most significant recent discoveries in the field of niche perfumery. These scents are the embodiment of what the French call “L’Art de la Simplicite”. The refined compositions take us on an imaginary journey, populated with fantastic characters, all reciting to us the messages of love, gently spread into the world by L'ADONÉ creations.


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