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Les Exclusifs de Chanel – Chanel 1957 (EN)

„Les Exclusifs de Chanel” is an elegant collection whose perfumes are composed of rare ingredients and bear witness to the exceptional art of perfumery.

Among the elements composing it, the collection „Les Exclusifs de Chanel” celebrates the timeless style of the woman who laid the foundation for this perfumery line, i.e. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, alias Coco. These olfactory creations were meant to evoke a chapter from her story. In other words, they were meant to illustrate her life and character, drawing from intimate, profound moments of the celebrity’s life as a source of inspiration, hereby taking as a starting point: her friends, colour and texture preferences, the Chinese room dividers in her apartment as well as more abstract elements such as the places she travelled to and the long-lasting impression they made on her.

From the collection „Les Exclusifs de Chanel”, Chanel 1957 stands out as one of the most valuable products. Launched in 2019, it is an aromatic, luminous, musky unisex fragrance. Drawing on Coco Chanel’s American ‘adventures’, it is a French fragrance blended with American spirit. „1957” is about New York City at the pinnacle of its glory, about the Americans’ fascination for Parisian fashion. And, last but not least, about the exciting relationship between the avant-gardist French designer and the New World, a relationship sealed in 1957 after earning the privileged status of „America’s adoptive daughter“.

Chanel’s strong, countless ties to America are already well-known, yet 1957 remains the year when the Chanel house achieved its greatest success on American soil. This was the year in which Gabrielle Chanel was granted the award for ‘the most influent designer of the 20th century’ at a ceremony in Dallas, USA. At that time, Gabrielle-Coco-Chanel was already a septuagenarian and nonetheless a visionary whose revolutionary imagination surpassed that of a typical fashion designer.

The “1957” fragrance conveys a subtle love declaration to America, a country which exerted a mythical attraction on this woman whose spirit of affairs went hand in hand with extravagance and passion for art. In 1957, her intrepid style and the freedom of her creations were appreciated everywhere, from New York to Hollywood. The award for the most influent designer received that year comes therefore as no surprise. It came as a reward for her talent and audacity at exploiting, reinventing and enhancing rare materials. The 1957 perfume makes no exception in this respect and functions as an authentic signature of the Chanel house.

Viewing “1957” from this perspective, the perfume entails two abstract elements: the number 19 designates her date of birth, whereas 57 stands for the street where the biggest Chanel store opened its doors to the public.

As for its composition, “1957” is a sensuous accord of white musk (a combination of eight types), delicately molded on floral notes of bergamot, iris and neroli, woody cedar notes, powdery accents and a tinge of honey – a multi-stratified creation of woody depths, powdered and sensual at times.

Depending on the person wearing it, “1957” can turn into a profound and unique fragrance, giving birth to powerful, visceral reactions. For some, it can be one of those perfumes whose story cannot be put into words because they are indescribable.

Allow yourselves to explore the collection “Les Exclusifs de Chanel” and discover your favourite perfume, the one that defines your style! Remember that ‘fashion dies, yet the spirit is eternal’!

As all beautiful things in the world, this perfume is to be tested. And, most of all, experienced. Dare to try it! Daring is part of Coco Chanel’s secret: “nothing new, just elegance and eternal simplicity”. Dare to dream about this garment – a few drops of “1957” – and try to become aware of what you feel.

Maybe you already knew that...“For a woman betrayal has no sense”, and that “a woman which does not wear perfume is a woman without future” – two of the legendary maxims attributed to Coco Chanel.


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