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Lorenzo Quinn – An Artist Larger Than Life

Together - Art installation by Lorenzo Quinn

Talking to an extraordinary artist like Lorenzo Quinn is an experience that changes you to the core. Listening to his soothing, profound voice, gently reminiscent of the voice of his legendary father, is like a deep well of treasures that keeps on giving.

He talks about life, art, sustainability, actions of kindness, nature, inspiration and dreams with the innocence of a teenager but, at the same time, with the knowledge and wisdom of an ancient Zen master. His talent transcends schools and trends and his pieces are timeless, each and everyone carrying a message for the present generations and also for the future of mankind.

I thought long and hard to find the proper words to introduce Lorenzo Quinn. I mean, how can you describe an artist that is monumental in every sense of the word, that is appreciated and acclaimed literally all over the world… Going deep into the abyss of information provided by the Google magician, you simply get lost in the amount of praise for him and his bewildering artistic creations.

Lorenzo Quinn is a true “Renaissance spirit” who admittedly finds inspiration in masters such as Michelangelo, Bernini, Rodin and his father (who also used to paint and sculpt). At the same time, he is a visionary, who – in his brief acting career – played the role of Salvador Dali (because… who else…), a visionary who likes to “build bridges” between people and ideas, way far into the future.

He is known for his expressive sculptural representations of human hands, a theme that he has chosen in his early creative years because he wanted “to sculpt the part of the human body considered most difficult, from a technical point of view”. Most of his famous works have very symbolic names such as Tree of Life, Rise Through Education, Give and Take, This is Not a Game, The Force of Nature, Hand of God, Leap of Faith, Dreams Come True, Love, Emotions, Harmony, Building Bridges.

Building Bridges

Lorenzo Quinn is a contemporary leading figurative sculptor, born in Rome to the legendary actor Anthony Quinn and his wife, Iolanda Addolori. He spent his childhood between Italy and United States, absorbing fervently the most prominent aspects of the two cultures. He graduated from New York University in 1988 and studied at the American Academy of Fine Arts in New York.

Quinn’s work is sheltered in many private collections throughout the world and has been exhibited internationally throughout the past two decades. His majestic sculptures (one of them weighing an impressive 8 tons) and artistic installations can be admired in Doha (Qatar), Vatican, London, Venice, Shanghai, Greece, Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, Abu Dhabi, Russia, United States, Canada, Monaco.

Lorenzo says he does not like to talk about politics but he does like to talk about important social subjects, events that are going on in the world, in an effort to be more inclusive. He is trying to raise awareness about issues that are important to all of us, like sustainability, family safety, and the oneness of humanity.

Although being a sculptor does not involve a direct connection with the world of perfumes, Lorenzo believes that smell is an important vector that connects us to other people and, at the same time, it re-connects us to our own memories in a very powerful way, more powerful than images or even music. He considers that “smell can take you back to a specific time in your life much quicker than anything else” and I could not agree more with this view.

Smell can take you back to a specific time in your life much quicker than anything else.

Lorenzo generously disclosed that, currently, he is working on an “all senses sculpture” and sight, touch, smell and temperature will be part of the experience of the future sculpture. I think we can all agree that this is a concept that sounds as intriguing and exciting as it can be. I totally respect Lorenzo’s discreet approach and wish to keep the secret a little longer, as he does not like to talk about the projects that are underway, but what amazing food for thought he has given us….

On his creative path, Lorenzo likes to explore multiple forms of art. So, truthful to his beliefs, he went from Macro to Micro – so to speak – by starting a line of exquisite jewelry. While highly symbolic and powerful, his pieces embrace a very delicate vision of Love, Life and Generosity.

He expressed the desire to convey meaningful messages (“my art is about messages, art is more than something decorative”, he said) and the journey started from a concept called “give and receive”, reflected in one of his most iconic sculptures. In his opinion, art must become a way of communication among people.

Given the fact that the mere monumental size of his sculpture prevents them from being accessible to many people over the world, Lorenzo was drawn to public art and jewelry, because they both provide you with more interaction among people.

In spite of his worldwide fame and recognition, Lorenzo Quinn is very modest and down to earth. He feels like he is still at the beginning of his artistic journey and, most impressively, he is a “dreamer”. In his own words, an artist is never truly, completely happy… once he has finished one piece of art, they already think about the next, and thus, it is impossible to achieve that perpetual state of gratitude or joyful self-content.

In addition to his exceptional talent, the artist is a generous soul, a true philanthropist being involved in numerous activities that prove his commitment to promoting the art of giving and especially giving back to the community. His core belief is so powerful and inspirational for all of us, around the globe: It is essential to find a balance in life. Many times that balance is achieved with the help of the people who surround us and hold us firmly to the ground, and without whom we would float into perdition”.

The art of Lorenzo Quinn touches your soul. It speaks to the greatness of humanity, it leads you into the most profound philosophy of the heart, it reveals your vulnerability but – at the same time – your strength. He is constantly challenging himself, with powerful means of expression that are meant to last, like a magical journey through times that are ahead.

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