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Naso di Raza – Grand Prix to surprising the senses

Enchanting our senses since 2014, Naso di Raza is made for those who know, without any doubt, that the world revolves around their ideas, for those who know that their individuality will be rounded by an exquisite scent, that merges perfectly with an aura, a message, a letter or a face.

Perfume represents an endless fascination, especially for the wearer. It is a vital element that puts charm at his or her disposal. It is a free playground for the Universe, not a simple recollection of moments, a view, or a manner of living.

The well-defined Italian allure is completed by a Spanish word, meant to bring a spark of passion into its name: the word “raza” means race, a game of olfactive accords. For the brilliant minds behind this brand, creating perfume is a never-ending competition to surprise the senses.

The noses of Naso di Raza take over the perfume industry with a deep appreciation for the art of fragrance creation and a strong influence. They created a very distinct olfactory identity for this brand. The scents designed by them were among the most admired novelties of Esxence – The Scent of Excellence 2017 & 2023 and Pitti Fragranze.

The freedom of creation allowed the master perfumers to develop scented masterpieces dressed in a minimalistic, yet remarkable design. Shaped by an architect, the bottle takes pride in its strong Italian origins, by displaying the place where the craftmanship and artistry happen - “pensato in Italia”.

Usually, the perfume bottle functions as an extension of the perfume itself, but the contradiction between the sensorial opulence and the minimalistic packaging makes this brand shine. Their fragrances are carried in clear, rectangular bottles, exhibiting beautifully designed caps that reflect how tangled ideas can get.

The olfactive harmony is doubled by a visual equilibrium, the simplicity of the bottle, followed by the sculptural cap. The designs resemble the swirling molecules of perfume, dancing in the air before caressing your skin.

Naso di Raza offers a range of nine exquisite scents, each of them telling a different story, using high-quality raw ingredients. The fine noses put the philosophy of perfume where it belongs – on a pedestal, translating the chapter of a book, the shades of a painting, or the poet’s rhymes, into vibrant olfactive notes. What amazes me is the complexity of these scents, with notes so carefully chosen and blended.

Ravi, envisioned by Cécile Zarokian, transports you to an exclusive membership club for fine gentlemen only. Here, the ambiance is rich, with dim lights, jazz music in the background, the aroma of a chilled glass of rum, the smoothness of cigarettes, intricate wooden furnishings, and the luxury of elegant leather sofas. The citrusy notes of orange, grapefruit, and lemon are completed beautifully with rum, cinnamon, tobacco absolute, rare woods, and leather.

By creating the Use Black perfume, Patrick Bodifee evoked a universe painted in the color black. The poetic aura of this perfume resides in its leather and saffron notes, crowned by jasmine, patchouli, and red berries. The oud, vanilla, and animalic note maintains an olfactive harmony, puzzling the senses. It resembles the elegance of a little black dress, or the enigmatic character of a book with black, untitled covers.

Then…white is an ode to rarity, designed by the team of Patrick Bodifee. Being the Yang to Use Black’s Yin, it tells the story of a white rainbow, a very uncommon phenomenon, and tens of delicate flowers. This perfume celebrates and embodies something truly exceptional and uncommon, with its Florentine Iris and a bouquet of 36 flowers of violet and Patchouli from Indonesia.

Cyrano’, designed as well by the marvelous team mentioned earlier, makes its presence sensed gradually, with its saffron, violet, and red berries notes. Shy at first, but fearless and confident after, resembles the values, boldness, and courage that history beholds, as Cyrano is a boy's name of Greek origin, meaning “from Cyrene”, with oud, patchouli, incense, and vanilla notes.

Cher Têtu, or Dear stubborn, is the expression of being obstinate. A very strong temperament that doesn't allow itself to be guided. It forges its metrics, grace to the perfumer Lucia Cassano.

A mix of mulberry, delicate nut, and saffron which get stronger grace to the notes of leather, patchouli, and white musk. The only overindulgence this perfume allows is the gray amber notes.

Giuseppe is the epitome of masculinity, created by Luca Maffei. Wearing a truly Italian name, it is an essence that gives you the spark to make your ambitions come true, mesmerized by white notes, orange, and Sambac Jasmine absolute. The wood and musk accents give this fragrance a gorgeous performance.

Mozzafiato is a bold fragrance created by Michelle Moellhausen. With a strength that doesn’t go unnoticed grace to the leather and animal notes, it reveals the finishing notes of Iris, giving a divine aroma that intrigues, inspires, and fascinates the wearer.

Created by the same fine nose as the previous perfume, Cha-ba-da is a seductive dance, whose steps are replaced by notes of almond, bergamot, pink pepper, and a lovely bouquet that makes you sway to the rhythm: rose, violet, lily, tobacco, kept in place by tonka bean, vanilla, and patchouli.

In his pursuit of designing a labyrinth of emotion, Luca Maffei created Esmeralda, wearing the name of a mesmerizing dancer. It conserves the charm of top citrus notes, thanks to bergamot and tangerine, followed by jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, water lily... a passionate, seductive but fresh aroma, powdered with cedar wood, spiced with vanilla abs and sensual due to the musk in its composition.

Naso di Raza masters the art of storytelling, so I close my eyes and carefully listen to tales about poetry, nature, and art. Every single detail is produced by alchemy: the creative process of encapsulating imagination, beauty, and knowledge in a bottle.


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