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Olivier Durbano – Spiritual Perfumes on the Way of Stones

Rock Crystal is the first fragrance in the collection, it was introduced in 2005.
Rock Crystal

The story of this perfume makes its debut at the heart of the Earth, whispering the love story between a sense and an element that symbolizes the beginning of everything we are: smell and stone. Both of them are essential to our existence and connection to the planet. We are blessed with sensorial experiences even before coming out of the womb, we recognize our mothers by smell, and everything is beautifully intertwined.

Olivier Durbano - founder of the brand
Olivier Durbano

The graceful manner in which Olivier Durbano captures the very essence of human nature makes this brand stand out in the niche perfumery sector, with almost two decades of experience, originality, and ethics.

Inspired by the beautiful nature that surrounded him since birth, Olivier Durbano has always been a dreamer, with an artistic fire that can be expressed exclusively through meaningful creations. In a mosaic of things that captivated his mind and soul, one element has made its presence known more than others - stones. Strong and everlasting, they transported him through years of history, revealing another spiritual dimension. At the young age of five, he was drawn to stones, which became a lifelong pursuit along with scent. Since 2005, Olivier has been surprising the niche perfumery world with his one-of-a-kind concept of creating scents inspired by crystals.

Black Tourmaline, introduced in 2007
Black Tourmaline

The breathtaking landscapes in his natal region, Côte d'Azur, guided him towards combining the passions that set his soul on fire: rocks and perfumery. Based in Grasse, the perfume epicenter of the world, Olivier makes stone speak through fragrance, using exquisite ingredients and high-quality formulas.

“Parfums de Pierres Poèmes’’ is a collection of fantasy-fuelling aromas, with complexity and spiritual meaning. They are more than scents, they are poems for the senses, engaging the wearer in a poetic experience that goes beyond the sense of smell.

Every single one of Olivier’s elixirs wears the name and the color of stones and crystals, as well as proverbs with spiritual value. Moldavite 18:9, Quartz Quantic, Black Tourmaline, or Amethyst, each one is inspired by legends and ancestral wisdom. They are associated with spiritual growth, offering an accessible and alluring way of incorporating symbolism into our daily lives. The association of proverbs and scent adds depth and inspiration to the ritual of applying perfume, being an unseen guide on the journey of spiritual awakening.

Pierre Blanche Prophetie 19:1.0 - the latest fragrance, launched in 2023
Pierre Blanche Prophetie 19:1.0, launched in 2023

The intention which Olivier Durbano puts into his work infuses the fragrance with good energy, meant not only to please the senses but also to resonate with a set of beliefs and spiritual aspects of the one who wears them.

Bottled in elegant and minimalistic crystal glass, they deliver love and beauty to anyone who listens to their poetry. The transparent bottle design draws attention to the perfume itself, evoking purity, a clarity of mind, soul, and body.

Just like a poem caresses the heart of the reader, Olivier’s elixirs caress the skin of the wearer. Each perfume is an aromatic ode to the crystals and gems that were here long before us and will be here long after we’re gone. Their quiet mystery is transported in delicate essences, giving birth to hypnotic scents that lure us into the heart of nature.

Rock Crystal collage


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