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On the waves of time, in search of the self through olfactory sensations

Amber Sogara and Santal Sohar, masterpieces bearing the Amouage signature

A reference name in the world of exclusive perfumery, the legendary Omani perfume brand, Amouage, reproduces the opulence of the Orient, recalling that part of the world where legends, treasures and dreams are hidden waiting to be discovered - the Sultanate of Oman. At the foundation of the House of Amouage is the Arab culture of creating a legendary perfume. Four decades after its foundation, the perfume house Amouage presents a repertoire of more than 50 unparalleled fragrances, all bearing the imprint of a unique vision with a high standard of quality. Critically acclaimed Amouage masterpieces include: Epic, Jubilation, Dia, Reflection, Honour, Interlude, etc. Over the years, they have become iconic classic perfumes that can be found in the pages of the chronicles of the art of world perfumery. Within this perfume house, The Attars is an exceptional 100% pure perfume oils collection, one of the most spectacular perfumery collections currently available worldwide. Drawing inspiration from the Sultanate of Oman, with the highest craftsmanship that perfumery can offer, each creation in this collection tells stories that fascinate and represent special, bold, captivating aromas.

In June 2023, The Attars collection was enriched with two new exceptional creations: Amber Sogara and Santal Sohar. At the launch, Amouage Chief Creative Officer Renaud Salmon explained that he was inspired by his travels through Oman, connecting both fragrances with specific points on the country's map – Amouage's way of showing deep respect for Oman's extraordinary heritage and also to highlight the many riches this area has always had to offer travelers. To create Amber Sogara, Renaud Salmon and Élise Bénat were inspired by a secluded and charming place, located about 200 km away from Muscat, where the past merges with the present: Al Sogara – a small group of houses of stone, with a flat roof, leaving the impression that they were detached from the mountain.

Amber Sogara is a fragrance with tones and inflections that suggest the romance of yesteryear while remaining rooted in the present. The composition of the perfume opens with an unexpected bouquet of aldehydes – materials that give perfumes a sparkling quality. Later, Amber Sogara entices with notes of sensual rose, a touch of seductive jasmine, to then envelop you in a warm and animal amber velvet that awakens your primal instincts. Complex, surprising, meant to attract, anchored in all times, Amber Sogara is the perfume that awakens intense feelings of continuity, leaving the impression that we are carried on the waves of time.

In the case of the Santal Sohar creation, Renaud Salmon and Karine Vinchon-Spehner speak of an evocation of the tireless spirit of the eternal sensation seeker in the wider world. The name of the perfume recalls the governorate of Sohar, one of the busiest and most important ports, located north of Muscat, which occupies a unique position in the heritage of the region – an important center for the trade of spices, incense and, above all, sandalwood; a crossroads for a variety of peoples and cultures. At first, Santal Sohar features an unusual blend – part herbaceous, part floral, of basil, rose and petitgrain. The effect of this blend lasts long enough to draw you in like a magical incantation, creating the impression of a breeze that brings with it wildflowers, basil, rose and wild orange peel - an olfactory festival. The heart of the perfume is represented by a balanced kaleidoscope of spices: cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. Underneath all of this is sandalwood which adds depth. If Amber Sogara is like an aroma suspended between the past and the future, Santal Sohar is like the perfume of travel. They remain Amouage masterpieces meant to beautify our lives.


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