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pH Fragrances – A Partnership that Makes me Proud

I am always very careful and mindful when choosing my partnerships. It is an endeavor that I spend time analyzing, scrutinizing and pondering on. I assess my compatibilities with the said entity (it might be a person, a brand or an institution), I study their business conduct and the quality they bring to the table. Associating your name with someone is no joke and we should never take it lightly.

You may wonder why this process is so important. In my opinion, when we associate with a partner, we give them power and our entire confidence that they won’t hurt our credibility, which we all know, we can only lose it once.

To me, being in a partnership has a special meaning that goes beyond the mere material aspects. My partners must have premium business practices that I, myself, strive to abide by, in all my activities.

It is, therefore, my great pleasure to announce my partnership with pH fragrances, a brand that has impressed me in so many ways I don’t really know where to begin. pH fragrances is a Niche & Lifestyle brand that has at its core the interest of the health of the customers and of the planet.

Before launching on the market, the founder, Camille Le Feuvre, has spent more than 2 years for Research & Development in order to find the best and most innovative ways of creating her products. Consequently, she obtained very “clean” fragrances, personal care and home care items, observing the most restrictive rules of fabrication.

Pitti Fragranze – Florence, September 2021

The name of Camille Le Feuvre is now famous worldwide because of her strict principles and visionary approach to the beauty industry. Her brand can be found in France, Switzerland, Russia, Monaco, Middle East and UK. Based on her 15 years of experience working for the biggest perfume houses in Grasse and in Paris, she created an impressive synergy between her love of fragrance and her entrepreneurial skills as a sales manager and brand strategist.

As a dedicated and busy mother of two, Camille also likes to share her values with the world. In order to do so with the new generation, she shares her expertise and vision with the students of prestigious schools (Ecole Supérieure du Parfum and Paris School of Luxury) as a speaker and teacher.

pH fragrances aspires to “make a positive difference in people’s lives” and to this end it created a complete range of safe & clean products “made in France”. Generously thinking of the perfumery industry and its artisans, the brand is working with the best master perfumers from the legendary Givaudan which are using only the best quality ingredients, responsibly sourced from around the world.

pH fragrances, under the strong leadership of its founder, is one of the brands in France that are profoundly and sincerely concerned with the health of the Planet, being at the forefront of socially and environmentally engaged beauty brands. Often presented by the media as a “pioneer brand”, pH fragrances bravely pushes the boundaries of an industry and the huge market of a new generation of perfumed products.

Their entire creation, production and distribution process is the result of a holistic innovation concept. Each perfume is inspired by the world of fashion and textiles by featuring the noblest raw materials of perfumery with names that express its colorful textures and universe. In their collections are covered 8 olfactive families and the elegant, minimalist bottles are inspired by the authentic brown glass which was used traditionally in the perfumery laboratories.

This year, I am proud to announce that the beating heart of our Christmas Notorious Luxury Boxes will consist of pH fragrances beauty products. They offer premium products that have been acknowledged as such by 5 awards. Yes, 5 awards in 2 years is the recognition this incredible brand truly deserves.

Camille Le Feuvre believes in solidarity with young and upcoming entrepreneurs (she, herself being one of them), she believes in dreaming big, in spite of social upheavals, in spite of the hardships and market fluctuations and international crisis. She believes in standing up for your principles, in sharing your values and in preserving the beauty of our planet. It is for all these reasons that I find her personality so inspiring and it is my honor and privilege to take this partnership into the future and –hopefully- to another level.

You can check the products here:


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