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RANCÉ 1795 – A Dynasty of Trailblazers in Perfumery

I have always been fascinated by the people with special talents or skills, as they call them. It is said that “talent is God’s gift to you, and what you do with that talent is your gift back to God”. And here, I do not mean only artistic talents, I mean the kind of extra-ordinary ability to create exceptional stuff, to invent things that will move the world forward and make life better.

For all of us, the other mere mortals, with no special talents to show for, the solution comes from the fact that appreciating other people’s talent is saving us from mediocrity. We are not “producers” of talent, we are consumers, or should I say, beneficiaries.

These people are the trailblazers, they are the game-changers, and their work is pulling us all into the future, even if they are coming from the distant past. They are pioneers and innovators, and when they leave this life, they can rest assured that they made a dent in the history of mankind.

A personality of such talent was François Rancé, a true revolutionary in the world of perfumery. The story of the House of Rancé started in Grasse, in the 17th Century. This family was famous for a unique mastery in crafting perfumed gloves. The ability to master the techniques of Gantiers-Parfumeurs, evolved into the art of distilling and blending essences. From this legacy, in 1795 Francois Rancé established his Parfumeur - Distillateur laboratory.

In 1795 he moved to Paris and decided to devote all his time to perfumery. He became Napoleon’s favorite perfumer, creating several fragrances both for the emperor and for Joséphine Bonaparte. Appointed as official perfumer to the Imperial French Court, François Rancé was infused with passion and enthusiasm for his art.

When customs and beliefs are transferred from generation to generation, they become tradition. Every family finds tranquility in their tradition and rituals and these traditions only keep people from being adrift. We treasure traditions because tradition is the illusion of permanence. Respecting traditions means that we continue to care for that tight-knit relationship with our forefathers, and they become our safety net.

The passion and know-how of Francois Rancé were passed on, to subsequent generations of the Rancé family and they have continued -for more than 220 years - to develop innovative fragrances and gems of perfumery for illustrious figures of their times.

This tradition has endured for over 200 years withstanding time, taste and Alexandre Rancé’s eventual relocation to Milan in the late 1800s. The House of Rancé continues to flourish within its family origins thanks to Jeanne Sandra Rancé and son Jean Maurice Alexandre.

Today, the Rancé dynasty is at its 7th generation, continuing to create brilliant fragrances of a timeless elegance and refinement. Their perfumes have been described as elegant, non-intrusive and ethereal. However, you should be confident that they have a significant lasting power, a moderate projection and they linger around in the most enchanting manner.

The house has been called “dated” but, in my opinion, this could not be further from the truth. A fragrance is not “oldish” just because it does not spread an “umpf” of burnt tire, stinky incense or animalic sensuality. Lasting elegance has a price, and that price is that not everybody understands it. Rancé fragrances play in a league of their own, transcending fashions and trends.

I personally think that following traditions is never enough to make a brand successful. Innovation plays an essential role and without it the trajectory of any brand is doomed to nosedive. André Gide once said that “L'intelligence c'est la faculté d'adaptation” and, in an ever - changing world, tradition remains only the foundation…

The ability to create iconic contemporary fragrances is what keeps this brand in the first row today, with a multitude of perfume releases during the years, supported by a dynamic marketing strategy. But as we know, marketing can only do that much…The real secrets that produce the massive success of Rancé today is the quality of the fragrances, selected natural ingredients and the family’s traditional craft.

Nowadays, RANCÉ 1795 fragrances are distributed all over the world, in numerous international locations, from Western and Eastern Europe to China, Singapore, Japan, Dubai, Iran, South Korea, Malaysia and India. The global reach of this brand is constantly reinforced by its staggering number of fans and loyal customers around the world.

RANCÉ 1795 is a Maison de Parfumeurs with a unique tradition. It has been operating in perfumery since the 18th Century and if you try them, you can all understand why. Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire because tradition is kept alive only by something being added to it. And from this philosophy, the Trailblazers are born…. and RANCÉ 1795 is one of them.

Izabela Juncu and a part of Rancé 1795's team at Esxcence Milano 2022

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