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Tutti Twilly – The Scent of Hermès Girls

The Hermès girls understand that perfume is not something that defines your essence, but rather a magical window that allows your personality to shine through.

This fragrance is designed for those girls with cheerful smiles that appear untamed, yet graceful. They create their own standards, often described as modern-day rebels who transcend societal norms. The Hermès girls command attention as they enter a room, leading with intelligence and an unparalleled sense of uniqueness. Even a hint of their perfume is sufficient to leave a lasting impression, making this community of joyful girls unforgettable.

This new fragrance presents a fresh perspective on the Twilly d'Hermès perfume collection, bearing the name of the timeless Hermès silk scarves. Just as these colorful scarves can be worn in countless ways, it offers straightforward delights to those who dare to embrace it. It embodies vibrant prints and vivid hues, exuding undeniable charm when the wearer disregards any limitations imposed by age, conventions, fashion, or temperament.

Tutti Twilly d’Hermès is a bottled rainbow, a floral-fruity fragrance that exudes effervescent femininity. The top notes immediately captivate your olfactory senses with the warm aroma of lychee fruit, complemented by the middle notes of ginger flower, which infuse freshness and vibrancy into the composition. This is harmonized by the enduring and alluring embrace of musk, which is the aphrodisiac of the perfume world, giving the scent an enchanting sweetness. It's a bold fragrance, confidently expressing its personality in an open and lively manner, yet remaining unpretentious.

The dry down presents a contrast to the opening, offering a gentle and harmoniously composed aroma. It seduces with its exuberance, eschewing formalities and ceremonies, spontaneously revealing its full splendour.

Encased in a bottle reminiscent of a lantern, adorned with a reverse gradient of lychee red, and featuring a contrasting white cap, the packaging is a masterpiece created by Parisian illustrator Florence Manlik, offering a visual delight.

Just as a narrow silk scarf gently encircles the neck of the wearer, a multicolored twilly lovingly embraces the elegantly designed bottle.

In addition to offering top-notch quality, Hermès consistently delivers rarity and exclusivity. No two perfumes are adorned with identical silk ribbons. Each twilly that encircles the cap showcases its own unique design envisioned by Carine Brancowitz. Every silk ribbon is meticulously hand-knotted, a testament to Hermès' values and heritage. The craftsmanship of each product places a strong emphasis on raw materials, ingredients, and technique. These details pay homage to the brand's timeless standards and ideals, as it continues to be a family-run business, where dedication to detail and artistry has remained unchanged over centuries.

What distinguishes Hermès from many renowned perfume houses is their unwavering commitment to infusing their own unique spirit into the world. They steadfastly avoid market research in pursuit of conformity. While other perfumes undergo extensive testing with many individuals offering their opinions, Hermès operates without the notion of obedience. They understand that the key to building a lasting legacy lies in originality.

The decision to conceive, create, and produce a fragrance is entrusted to a trio that has redefined the rules in the luxury market: the General Director, Agnès de Villers; the Artistic Director, Pierre-Alexis Dumas; and Christine Nagel, the in-house perfumer responsible for preserving the exclusivity of their creations.

Tutti Twilly d'Hermès serves as yet another testament to their dedication to the art of perfumery, solidifying their invaluable contribution to the brand. Their creations are consistently revered as masterpieces in the world of fragrances.

Wearing a Hermès fragrance is a statement. It's akin to carrying a Birkin, but on your skin.


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