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Amouage Opus XV King Blue - A Surreal Olfactory Impression

You may remember Amouage, the exclusive perfume house in Oman, which captures the opulence of the Orient - that part of the world where legends, treasures, and dreams lie waiting to be discovered, as I described it recently. We talked about the legendary perfume brand from Oman when we presented Amber Sogara and Santal Sohar, Amouage's signature masterpieces, which this year have enriched The Attars collection. I said then that, three decades after its founding, the Amouage perfume house presents a repertoire of over 50 unparalleled fragrances, all bearing the stamp of a unique vision

with a high standard of quality. Speaking of the House of Amouage, at the heart of which lies the Arab culture of creating a legendary perfume, we already know that each creation bearing this reference name in the world of exclusive perfumery tells a fascinating story and presents special, bold, conquering aromas.

Amouage continues the story of its abstract and artistic approach by showcasing the brand's niche innovation, The Library collection.

Opus XV - King Blue is Amouage's brand new fragrance, launched in 2023, and is the sixth fragrance in the revamped The Library collection. It was created by Alexis Grugeon and Hamid Merati-Kashani. It is a fruity, amber, woody, unisex fragrance.

Opus XV - King Blue opens a new chapter of surrealism. Creative director Renaud Salmon is known to draw inspiration from his travels, connecting his creations to specific points on the map. This time, he was inspired to create Cuba, a stamp depicting The Art Of Living, which had been released to commemorate the Salón de Mayo - a gathering of some of the most influential artists on the planet that took place in 1967 in Havana, the capital of Cuba. Renaud Salmon stumbled across the Salón de Mayo during his research on Cuba for the creation of the previous fragrance in the revamped The Library collection, namely Opus XIV - Royal Tobacco.

To understand how the idea of Amouage King Blue Opus XV was born, a brief explanation is required regarding The Art Of Living, the last work of the renowned surrealist artist René François Ghislain Magritte. This Belgian was known for his thought-provoking images that forced the observers to think beyond their perceptions of reality. He could make people think through the ingenious messages he conveyed through his works. Magritte's basic concept was that painting must be poetry, and poetry must evoke mystery. The entire work of the painter was permeated with the attempt not to reveal the mystery. In 1958, he mentioned: "A painting must be overwhelming, bewildering", and the viewer must guess the "hidden". After more than 50 years since the disappearance of René Magritte, his painting still retains its mystery. From the story of this brilliant artist, we also note that he was also known for wearing a blue suit. Being interested in color, Magritte looks for metaphors, symbols, and poetic associations - a fact that can also be deduced from the painting The Art Of Living, which contains two pairs of contrasts. The character in the center of the canvas is divided into parts. The head, floating in the air the body, seems to have arrived there from an entirely different work. Disproportionately huge, defiantly bright in color, with incomparably small facial features, it looks more like a surreal planet. The "art of living" consists of a balance between following the natural course of things and making efforts.

Returning to Amouage King Blue Opus XV, Renaud Salmon wanted to create a fragrance that explores the mechanisms behind surrealist thinking and how it opens up a new reality through unexpected juxtapositions. He wanted to propose an authentic surrealist olfactory impression, using visual cues, semiotics, the lexicon of perfumery, and the perfume itself to create the expectation of something not to come, as Renaud Salmon states.

Analyzing a little King Blue Opus XV this is a very carnal perfume that portrays the mystery yet to be revealed - a mystery of the deep sea (there is nothing aquatic in the perfume, it is just a metaphor). King Blue reveals its spirit with that familiar potent and carnal combination from the previous version in the same line. Unlike Silver Oud, King Blue is a toned-down version, without the wet earthy edge of cypriol that has been replaced by a shy glint of pink pepper and juicy fruit. Each time, King Blue reveals something different. This is unmistakably Amouage and true to its timeless heritage.

Amouage King Blue Opus XV is an eau de parfum with 35% pure perfume oils. Playing with the idea of "blue scents" - perfumes with conventional personalities, just like the suit-wearing figure in the mysterious The Art Of Living, Opus XV King Blue opens with a bright and vibrant mandarin, with its unexpected freshness, fruity and succulence. Pink pepper adds an attention-grabbing sparkle, while blackcurrant accentuates its clarity. The heart of this creation is formed by a fascinating duo: amber and incense —the captivating allure of rich, golden-hued amber whispers of hidden treasures. Sensual tones of amber connect with Mandarin. The mystical face of the incense dances around the amber, adding depth and complexity. Then a rich and multi-faceted recollection takes place around woods (oakwood, sandalwood, patchouli, agarwood) and leather to form a base that exudes sophistication, sensuality, and character. With its luxurious and opulent nature, Precious oud silver exudes an aura of grandeur and rarity, giving rise to an unexpected and unpredictable experience.

As the name suggests, Opus XV explores the primordial nature of contrasting ingredients that blend to evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue. It is a perfume of endless questions, curious detours, and unexpected revelations – surrealism in perfume.

Amouage King Blue Opus XV is like a surreal olfactory impression that opens up a new reality and holds us under its fascinating spell. King Blue Opus XV pays tribute to the art of living.


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