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BDK Ambre Safrano – New Release 2022

I often wonder how is it possible that in the middle of all our global problems, while the world keeps spinning around us, some brands still manage to stay on top of things. They continue to be creative, to encourage innovation with an eye to the future, while some of us still agonize about what is going to happen a week from now.

So, how do they stay so confident and energetic? Where do they get their appetite for “living the life to the max”, unencumbered by small trifles and unbothered by the possibility of everything going tragically wrong?

I wish I had access to their fountain of wisdom and calm, I wish I could put my head on the pillow every night thinking: no matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I AM ENOUGH. Yes, we are all imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid, but that does not change the truth that we are brave and worthy of love and belonging.

Every time BDK announces a new release my heart starts to pound.

In those moments of uncertainty and insecurity, I typically try to focus my attention on the good things in life and on exciting, new perfume releases that always have the potential of firing up my imagination. It just so happens that 2022 is off to a good start in niche perfumery new releases.

BDK is a brand that, over the years, has spoiled us with quite a number of exceptional fragrances. Every time BDK announces a new release my heart starts to pound. This brand has brought to us the most exciting, amazing, exhilarating fragrances and they always deliver what they promise.

BDK Parfums has been created by David BENEDEK, in 2016. Born in Paris in 1989 to a father of Romanian origins and a mother from the border between Algeria and Morocco, David Benedek grew up in the world of perfume. His grandparents, exiled from Transylvania, were among the first people authorized to distribute the big names in perfumery, like Worth and Christian Dior, in 1950s Paris.

So, it is no surprise that he is in the world of perfume like a fish in the water. His professional career has taken him around the world, from Beijing and New York to finally land in France, where he perfected his studies at the French Institute of Fashion, Cinquième Sens Institute, and Givaudan.

Those who are following the most beautiful niche brands, can still remember fabulous award-winning creations such as Rouge Smoking and Crème de Cuir, followed by Bouquet de Hongrie, Pas ce Soir, and the dreamy Tubéreuse Impériale. The launch of Gris Charnel and Nuit de Sable in 2019 was also a sounding success, as well as Velvet Tonka released in 2021.

BDK's trajectory as a brand is always going up, always in touch with their customer's wishes and desires, where they find inspiration for the next fragrances. For this reason, waiting for the new fragrance to appear on the market was making me both excited and sizzling with curiosity.

Ambre Safrano, the new BDK fragrance of 2022 is a spicy, amber leathery unisex „eau de parfum”, available exclusively at Harrods. From the beautiful, minimalist box to the heavy, luxurious bottle with the golden top, Ambre Safrano speaks to those who love exquisite perfumery and out-of-the-ordinary olfactive experiences.

The top notes are saffron, Madagascar pepper and plum, and the heart notes bring in the sophisticated Turkish rose absolute, frankinsense absolute and black leather. The base notes include French oakwood, New Caledonian sandal wood and Bourbon vanilla. Both longevity and projection of this scent are remarkable.

It is only fair to mention that the nose behind this exceptional fragrance is Julien Rasquinet, who has worked with the best houses in the world and has a special kind of sensibility and creative imagination. His mentor was the famous perfumer Pierre Bourdon, and during 3 years of intensive training program, Pierre shared with the apprentice his creation philosophy, his techniques, his passion for perfumery. The aim of a creation is to cause an emotion says Julien and with this significant quote in mind, we can enthusiastically say “mission accomplished”.

“The aim of a creation is to cause an emotion”

The comforting dry down of this perfume reflects perfectly the intention of David BENEDEK: “This oriental spice, which merges with the amber leathery accord, brings strength and warmth to this sensual and burning fragrance…”

I would say that regardless of Spring and not so distant Summer, what we all need right now is a strong scent, like a reminder of the fact that no matter how bumpy the road gets, we can all be brave and resilient. We are all and each one of us important and “enough”.


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