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L’Orchestre Parfum – When Music and Fragrance Become ONE Perfect Duet

Everyone agrees that music and perfume are a match made in heaven. They are both invisible forms of art and, at the same time, powerful and profound incentives in our emotional state of mind. To be quite honest, these are the two great loves of my life so, coming across this brand that unites them got me over-excited.

L’Orchestre Parfum is a French niche perfume brand founded by Pierre Guguen in 2017. The ethos of the brand is centered on the magic that can be created by music and perfumes. He describes himself as a musician and perfumerand the simplicity of his philosophy is as charming as it is sincere. After completing his studies in marketing in Paris, Pierre moved to Barcelona, finding a job in a leading perfume company. This was the breeding ground for great experiences, due to the contacts with the best „noses” in the field.

Pierre Guguen is a musician in love with fragrances who was brave enough to follow his lifelong passion. After working behind the scenes for almost a decade in the world of fragrance (for iconic brands such as Carolina Herrera, Victor&Rolf, and Comme des garçons), it was time for Pierre himself to take center stage.

The fragrances are entirely created (produced and packaged) in France, from 100% natural beet alcohol, with vegan formulas and made up – almost completely – of natural ingredients. Each bottle has been manually polished by French artisans, allowing the light to form its own symphony with the liquid inside.

Pierre Guguen truly believes in ethically sourced products and he aims to ensure that the production of wood-based component parts respects the procedures guaranteeing sustainable forest management. L’Orchestre Parfum is so much more than a fragrance brand. Their intention is to contribute to “cultural democratization by working with young people on several multi-sensory projects, in which senses are stimulated by artistic endeavors to the point that all those involved are developing a special taste for arts and culture.

L’Orchestre Parfum offers poly-sensory workshops where music, perfume, and drawing are coming together in order to enhance the live experience and make it unforgettable. It is easy to like this beautiful combination that appeals to your senses in a very gentle manner, leaving enough space for each and everyone’s imagination.

Some of the most well-known creations of this brand are Ambre Cello, Bouquet Encore, Cuir Kora, Electric Limonade, Encens Asuka, Flamenco Neroli, Piano Santal, Rose Trombone, and Thé Dabourka. After the first sniff of these fragrances with such powerful, symbolic names, you get overwhelmed by the multitude of sensations. You feel the artistic overload that creates a magnetic field around you. The emotions become palpable and you have a sudden urge to drown in the synergy of this beautiful artistic expression.

A most extraordinary idea is that every bottle of L’Orchestre Parfum comes with a QR code that people can scan in order to listen to music while smelling the fragrance. Moreover, Pierre himself uploads the music online to share for free, by creating a Spotify playlist (as well as releasing vinyl records for more traditional enthusiasts), so that people around the world can join in with this synaesthetic experience. For those new to this topic, I may add that synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory leads to automatic experiences in a second sensory.

Every single fragrance released by L’Orchestre Parfum is so well rounded, like a beautiful piece of music that has been orchestrated to its perfection. They develop in a very intriguing way, sort of like in successive waves, at the same time being dense, profound, and completely unisex. They have a specific blueprint of the brand that runs through all the scents, like an invisible golden thread, making the brand recognizable and alluring.

I invite you all to try these beautiful scents, available in Romania exclusively at Rosa Mundi, Bucharest. Maybe you will get inspired to go with the flow of fragrances and, just like the song of Mama Cass Elliot goes: “make your own kind of music”…

You can listen to this song here:


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