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Monreale - More Than (a) Perfume

Inspired by the reality of the moment and also from ancient cultures, the new fragrance brand "Monreale" conveys the knowledge of elegant perfumes by creating memories. Monreale Parfums has Thomas Tsavdaridis as its creator.

The new fragrance brand evokes the beauty of Monreale Cathedral (completed in 1267) in Palermo, Sicily, southern Italy. Considered emblematic of the Arab-Norman style, Monreale Cathedral has a relatively simple and austere exterior that leaves you unsuspecting of the wonder hidden inside. Once you cross the threshold, you're in for a formidable surprise - one of the wonders of the medieval world: 6,340 square meters of Byzantine mosaics and Arabic ornamentation are spread across the ceiling and walls of the Cathedral, leaving you speechless. This is said to be the most significant area covered with Byzantine mosaics in Italy. This gigantic Byzantine mosaic, surreally beautiful and perfectly preserved, is the main tourist attraction of the small Sicilian town of Monreale.

Thomas Tsavdaridis - Founder of Monreale Parfums
Thomas Tsavdaridis - Founder

Thomas Tsavdaridis - appreciating the long history of Monreale Cathedral, moved by the impressive coexistence of Byzantine art and the Cathedral's Norman, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture - decided to name the perfume line he created after the small Sicilian town of Monreale, a few kilometers south-west of Palermo in the so-called Conca d`Oro (Golden Valley).

For the launch of this fragrance brand, the launch publicity material was filmed inside the Monreale Cathedral as well as in its courtyard. According to the script, the two protagonists arrive at the cathedral and, fascinated by its exterior beauty, enter inside. Here they are guided by a beam of light and have a sensory experience associated with perfume. Then, waking up in a hotel room, they wonder if it was all a dream or reality.

Monreale contains more than 20 fragrances that are packaged in containers of the same design, in two distinct colors, depending on the gender they are intended for women or men. Monreale Cathedral is especially famous for its interior, so it is with the olfactory creations in question.

Velvet Plums, Grape Peony, Roses Musk, Blackberry Magnolia, respectively Rose Elixir, Night Sandalwood, Mineral Infusion, Game of Iris, Bergamont Blow, Vetyver Incense, and Honey Moon are some of the exclusive olfactory pieces of this new fragrance brand, "Monreale", waiting to be discovered and promising to surprise you like the inside of Monreale Cathedral. It's up to you to choose the one that reveals its true essence, Monreale meaning fragrance of character.

The exclusive range for women was created to complement the fabulous look of the woman who likes to embrace her femininity, while the one for men is especially for those who like to impress, to be elegant. These luxurious and unique products are presented in a truly innovative and exclusive way.

Monreale wants to be more than a perfume.


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