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The olfactory delight of love: Amouage Love Delight

Amouage Love Delight perfume bottle

With a wide range of unique and exquisite fragrances, recognized worldwide, Amouage, by its name, brings to mind the waves of the sea and symbolizes the link between Oman and the Arabian Sea. We talked about Amouage, Oman's exclusive fragrance house, which captures the opulence of the Orient - that part of the world where legends, treasures and dreams lie waiting to be discovered - when we presented some of Amouage's latest signature masterpieces, such as Amber Sogara, Santal Sohar (from The Attars collection) and Opus XV - King Blue (from The Library collection).

As expected, Amouage, the world's leading luxury fragrance brand founded in 1983 by the Sultan of Oman, continues the story of its abstract and artistic approach. Offering something unique is a fact specific to the House of Amouage.

Amouage Love Delight is the new product from the Secret Garden, created by perfumer Pascal Gaurin and launched in 2024. Few perfumers are thought to have such an affinity for dense materials as Pascal Gaurin. Whether in music, cinema or perfumery, this perfumer has cultivated a taste for artistic, head-on propositions, forging a style marked by an uncompromising mastery of fierce elements.

The extensive and well-organised marketing and advertising campaign for the launch of the precious Amouage Love Delight provided images that captured the essence of the fragrance, also promoted on social media, in the fashion and beauty world. This unique fragrance is the expression of the feeling of love in its most enchanting form.

Love Delight is part of The Secret Garden collection and adds a new chapter to Amouage's exploration of modern femininity, alongside Lilac Love, Blossom Love and Love Tuberose.

Love Delight contains a blend of floral and fruity notes, making it a perfect fragrance for the spring and summer seasons, and can be worn for any occasion, from romantic dates to business meetings and beyond. Along with the note of freshness it offers, it also brings romance into our everyday lives.

Like the contents of Love Delight, the design and packaging of this fragrance also impresses. The perfume bottle is a true work of art. Its shape is inspired by the symbol of infinity and is made of high-quality glass. The colour of the bottle is a mix of pink and gold, suggesting beauty and elegance. The lid of the bottle is decorated with a Swarovski crystal, which adds a touch of sparkle and luxury.

The gifts are also elegantly wrapped with exclusive Amouage packaging and ribbon. You can add a personalised message to make the gift truly special. Experience the gift-wrapping ceremony offered by the House of Amouage!

Let yourself be gently enveloped by the warm, sensual, comforting rose-cocoa-vanilla-jasmine embrace, intensified by the vigour of the cinnamon-ginger-mandarin-rum connection. 

Amouage invites us to live more from passion and less from habit. Love Delight is an invitation to savour every moment of indulgence.

Let yourself be carried away by this unique, sophisticated and refined olfactory "wave" from the Secret Garden under the Amouage dome: Love Delight!

Amouage - The secret garden collection


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