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The Scent of Hedonism — Psychotic London

In my wildest dreams, I have the courage to paint my reality in the nuances of my wishes. Most certainly, every single one of us has desires that we keep in the back of our mind, delusions of grandeur and longings patiently waiting to be unleashed.

Perfume is a manifestation of hedonism in our daily lives. Whether we consider it a short-term pleasure or an ongoing pursuit of a life-long happiness, scent is one of the greatest joys.

Psychotic London is a niche brand that is very detail-oriented and encourages the wearer to dare. It blames conformity, promoting an unconventional approach to the daily ritual of applying perfume. What some might call just a day-to-day habit, becomes a whole addictive experience.

This olfactory extravagance brand entered the perfume industry in 2020, during a period of humanity that created numerous challenges and was disrupted in its normality. A very strong sense of restlessness and imagination made the founder, Shota Lomtadze, respond with creativity as a form of salvation. It is said that only art and beauty can save humanity in times of crisis.

These scents are seductive, making us dream about the forbidden, from the first instance of seeing their names: Tasty Kiss, Forbidden Rose, Frozen Liquid, In the Blood, Addictive Drops, So Sticky… This brand is not shy, it evokes hedonistic feelings and pleasures, with notes that are associated with sensuality and self-indulgence.

Although this brand has a strong personality, their scents are not meant to cover one’s up, like a mask, but rather to enhance the wearer’s aura. It is a gentle invitation to a wild olfactive party. The alluring smells leave much to the imagination.

Céline Ellena - perfumer
Céline Ellena - perfumer

The six fragrances of different olfactive families are created by the iconic perfumer Céline Ellena, who has a strong family heritage in the perfume industry. Her first attempt of designing a perfume was at the young age of six and her aim was to create addiction, encouraging the idea that perfume should not only smell good, but also leave an addictive impression.

The innocence of the bottles creates a lovely contradiction with the perfumes themselves. Carrying the symbol of a fragile yet dangerous rose, a symbol with a powerful British DNA, it also resembles a syringe of the 19th century, a bottle that suggests a dose of dopamine.

Thierry de Baschmakoff
Thierry de Baschmakoff

They come dressed in a white, opaque box, revealing vivid colorful lines in the interior of the packaging. It is an expression of the brand’s values, which puts great emphasis on privacy and secrecy. Just like opening Pandora’s box, a sense of wonder and curiosity takes over. Each Psychotic fragrance has its own color code, designed by Thierry de Baschmakoff, who has produced nearly 6000 objects and concepts in 30 years of creation.

The philosophy of Psychotic London is all about individuality, freedom and breaking the chains of expectations. Beyond the high-quality formulas and ingredients, it offers the luxury of being your own self, without limitations. This brand convinced me, once again, that the best vice one can have is perfume.


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