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Toni Cabal — A Story of Spanish Excellence

The nobility of perfume comes with an endless appetite for culture and art, as well as an insatiable desire for creating.

Toni Cabal is a master perfumer who bottles the passion of his Spanish roots and selects only the things that speak directly to his soul. There is an alchemy that translates his muses into olfactory notes, drawing inspiration from the ecstasy fueled by scent. Applying his perfume, you can feel the heat of Spanish nights.

Being the son of a perfumer, talent runs through his veins. Mr. Cabal inherited the delicate sense of smell and a burning passion for fragrance. He also trained from a young age to participate in the construction of a fragrant future, being hired as a perfumer in Indonesia at the age of 24 years old. There, he made the first steps towards his dream, beginning to study the ingredients, the perfumes, and the secrets of their manufacture, distilling strong aromatic oils that colored his imagination.

Those were the years that taught him the knowledge for a successful business and encouraged him to build the international company Fragrance Science.

As a chemical engineer, the syncretism between art, science, and his three-decade experience in the perfume field inspired him to create his own brand of niche perfumes – Toni Cabal.

Since 2014, he has meticulously created more than two hundred perfumes, a wide range of scents that compel one to irremediably fall in love, grace to the natural raw materials in their composition.

Having absolute control over the artisanal process, Toni Cabal envisions and produces every single aspect of the fragrances, in the act of encapsulating wonder, science, and know-how in a bottle.

There is nothing that says more about the creator than the work itself. Toni Cabal’s creations tell the story of a man fond of traveling, opera, and classical music. Each one of his numerous fragrance collections has something unique and surprising to reveal, but a few caught my attention due to their source of inspiration. The performance of perfumes reflects the quality and longevity of his creations.

Some of his perfumes wear the names of the places that enchanted his sight, traveling as far as his senses have taken him. The admiration for Greece translated into the collection Supreme with perfumes wearing the names of breathtaking places: Santorini, Ischia, and Mykonos. No matter where you are, you can feel the unsettling breeze and seek an olfactory experience as opulent as the mythical home of Greek gods. Smelling them, I close my eyes and see the white buildings with blue-domed roofs, ancient ruins, and vibrant cities.

With a deep appreciation for high-quality ingredients, he dedicated a whole collection to oud, one of the most expensive and high-valued oils in the world. Beautifully blended with captivating notes such as chocolate, saffron, berries, or cinnamon, they are the perfect introduction to an olfactory dinner.

Toni Cabal is interested in what moves people, what lights the spark within them. He draws great inspiration from the opera, as the pieces of music and perfume have much in common, from structure to storytelling. Both have a beginning or an ouverture, a middle, and an end, creating a profound emotional connection. His Opera Collection tells the stories of Romeo and Giulietta, La Traviata, Aïda, Tannhäuser, L’Elisir D’Amore, and Madame Butterfly. Drawing inspiration from tales of love, devotion, and heartache, the perfumes are bittersweet symphonies just like the opera itself.

For Toni Cabal, fragrance creation is a way of possessing destiny. He turns every little ember of spark into perfume, and perfume into a life-long pursuit.


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