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Elitter – Quality over time, style over trends

The desire for perfectionism started in Italy, the Lombardia region, and Vigevano - the capital of shoe manufacturing.

Luxury never had a better definition, the expertise, knowledge, passion, and know-how represent the base and the core of this business meant to illustrate the authentic culture of Italian craftsmanship.

In 2016, grace to the love and the passion for exotic leather, a new company called Elitter was established by two women united by the devotion to durable fashion and resentment towards fast fashion. The attention to detail can be sensed from the first instance, as Elliter means "rettile", reptile in Italian reverse. Every single aspect of this brand shows a high level of care, precision, and diligence in ensuring that nothing is overlooked or left to chance.

The founders, two women, F&P, chose quality over time and style over trends, continuing a long-standing legacy of 3 generations of their family of leather artisans, possessing a well-deserved reputation for excellence. They used aversion towards clothes that don’t last to raise awareness about the negative impacts of fast fashion and promote sustainable and ethical consumer choices.

Behind their success and know-how, there are years of building the foundation of their education, their failures, their knowledge, and the perfectionism that they have today.

Their remarkable foundation for success in this industry granted them a deep understanding of leatherworking techniques passed down through generations. They are collaborating with esteemed luxury brands all over the world. Grace to their commitment to quality, the products are sold in very niche spots, such as prestigious hotel windows.

Each piece tells a story, celebrating the heritage of craftsmanship and the spirit of originality. This niche luxury brand manufactures bespoke pieces crafted in small batches for ladies and gentlemen who take pride in exclusivity.

Bold or toned down, casual or elegant, Elitter creates for those who wear uniqueness as their highest virtue, designing a line of classic pieces that can be embellished with the customer’s initials. Their design philosophy translates into leather products with a personal touch and an unforgettable Italian spirit.

What sets this brand apart from the market is the diverse range of products that combine classic style with the wearer’s signature. The shoes, handbags, jackets, and accessories can be personalized by the customer choosing the desired leather, color, and shape. They are much more than garments; they are one’s extension. This approach reflects a commitment to providing a tailored experience, placing the customer’s desire at the center of their whole activity. These kinds of fine, meaningful details make the business stand out.

Every single one of the pieces tells a story, being meticulously crafted by artisans and adding a layer of authenticity and artistry to the products. The creation process lasts approximately 4 to 8 weeks, ensuring that the products are made to withstand the test of time. The value that this brand puts into longevity is also reflected through the care service it provides: the customers can bring back the items to revive their spark through cleaning and polishing. Their philosophy appeals to those who value longevity, for customers who appreciate style and substance.

Being an understated expression of Italian luxury, everything is made on Leonardo Da Vinci’s land, from manufacturing and materials to packaging. The materials originate from ethical farms, making Elitter a responsible brand that prioritizes ethical sourcing by using high-quality, certified lizard, crocodile, and ostrich leather. They put great emphasis on showing respect towards the environment while using premium materials that don’t create any harm.

Elitter cherishes the long-standing Italian tradition of leatherworking by creating premium items that make bold statements for the trained eye. These pieces are meant to be adored for years, not seasons, a wearable metaphor for timeless style. In today’s fast and flashy world, many things are ephemeral, so I choose to write about those made to last.

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