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Maison Violet – Ineffable Melancholy

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose and why?

I have always been fascinated by the concept of time. I would love to teleport myself back to the epoch when perfume artistry was being created, or I would love to be immortal and travel through time, escaping the rush and pressure of years. Just like Salvador Dalí's painting, "The Persistence of Memory", the relativity of time is an obsession of mine.

Probably, this is the reason why perfume is my life-long pursuit: it encapsulates memories, being a bridge between today and yesterday. The recollection of odors has the strongest connectivity for the human brain. It is the feeling of melancholy that makes a fragrance unforgettable.

Maison Violet is a traditional perfume house with modern know-how. It transports me back to the roots of French perfumery, offering a contemporary smell with a vintage story.

Established in 1827 by Mr. François-Étienne Violet, the son of a merchant, the Violet Perfumery played a significant role in shaping the French cosmetics industry. Having numerous patents, scientific and creative distinctions, including one for third ace soap, and a great number of accolades, the company thrived at various Parisian locations. It could be found in refined places such as Rue Saint-Denis, going on a shopping spree under the arcades of Grand Hotel, or wandering on Boulevard des Italien, gaining glory for its well-known store located on Boulevard des Capucines.

A renowned icon during the mid-19th century, Violet achieved royal recognition as the official supplier to Empress Eugenie and Queen Isabel II of Spain. The Empress’ symbol, the bee, adorned every bottle, emerging as a trademark. In 1858, the store adopted the name "To the Queen of Bees - Violet House" to solidify its authenticity. 

The 1867 World Fair committee notably honored Louis Claye, the Director of Violet at that time, by recognizing several products from the House.

Following Louis Claye's era, Violet, under the leadership of Aaron-Marc Rehns, expanded its influence globally. By 1885, the company, now one of the greatest French perfume houses, was listed on the French stock market. Venturing into international markets, Violet, also known as Veolay in the United States, evolved into a significant industry with amazing factories with more than 250 workers.

Despite decades of success, the challenges posed by world wars and crises represented a threat to Violet Perfumery, leading to the cessation of activity around the half of the 20th century. However, in 2017, three young men from Paris revived the company, breathing new life into its legacy.

Three friends, Victorien, Paul, and Anthony, decided to revive the art of French perfumery from the classrooms of a perfume school in Paris. As the new and young custodians of Violet, their contrasting personalities and styles, fueled by a shared passion for perfume and history, made possible the brand's rebirth. 

United by friendship and professional synergy, they successfully reconstructed a modern brand while honoring Violet's wealthy legacy.

The École Supérieure du Parfum is the place where a great friendship is formed. The dream of creating their own perfume house ignited in their first year of education. They saw this as an opportunity to express themselves while prioritizing creativity, but they knew that experience is one of the key ingredients for success.

As time passed, their entrepreneurial dream materialized, leading them to Queen Bee Perfumery. Fascinated by the brand’s long-standing history, they made restoring Violet their pursuit. Modernizing classic elements, they proved that vintage perfumery is a unique element that the fragrance world was missing.

In a fast-paced world, they took a deep breath and stopped the daily rush. The three young perfumers preserve nature’s inspiration, being committed to causes and values that are dear to them. In the process of creation, they take great responsibility towards nature and the local economy. Using natural and synthetic ingredients, they preserve the environment while offering clean and safe perfume formulas.

The exquisite fragrances are presented in beautiful designs. Minimalistic, elegant, and clear, the packaging of their products doesn’t harm the environment, whether we consider the fragrances, the soaps, or the candles.

The uniqueness and charm of Maison Violet are multiplied by Nathalie Lorson, one of the most admired master perfumers, who has unmatched expertise in the field and a couple of hundred perfumes to her name. Her unmatched creativity takes this brand to new heights.

Wearing one of their fragrances is not just about smelling good. It is an act of identifying with a set of values dating back to the times when etiquette, devotion, and nobility were the highest virtues. 

Applying Maison Violet is the first step towards a process of personality refinement by wearing a perfume that encourages the appetite for beauty and devotion.




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