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DFG 1924: Story of an Italian family affair

DFG 1924 is a typical Italian story about family business, heredity and passione per il mondo del profumo, which can be easily found in every inhabitant of the Apennine boot who has an interest in perfumes and the perfumery business. This fragrant tale began when chemist Giustino Dalla Favera, a skilled technician, gifted at preparing and compounding, opened his laboratory near Treviso. Not only did he prepare Galenic formulations, liqueurs and elixirs, but he also set up his lab to create numerous recipes for perfumes at a time when similar products were not easy to find in shops.

This legacy was passed on to Giustino’s grandson Fabio and primarily to Fabio’s wife, Patrizia, who has always been passionate about the world of fragrance. Patrizia recovered and revived the formulas of bygone days, refining them with her flair for innovation and with the stories she had brought back home from her travels to spaces that open up different cultures, artistic styles and philosophies. These are places where each and every one of us can experience thousands of emotions in an instant.

The name DFG stands for the first letters of the name of the aforementioned chemist Giustino Dalla Favera, who in 1924 came to open one of the first pharmacies in Treviso – a fishing town just north of Venice – and conducted his affairs quite successfully until 1968. After that, the business was transferred to his daughter, Clelia Della Favera. 10 years later, his grandson Fabio Brunetta became the owner. In 1983, Fabio went on to found Kalis, a company that produces skincare cosmetics and medical devices. Nowadays, Fabio owns three brands and has a lot of opportunities to make products for third-party brands.

In 2014, 90 years after the beginning of this story, DFG 1924 appeared at the borders of Kalis: in the first year, the collection of the brand consisted of the fragrances which now make up the Spezieria Officinale line. Later on, the perfumer Roberto Dario joined the enterprise and immediately made a valuable contribution by finalizing the formulas of the existing compositions and by creating two brand new series: not surprisingly, Acque Odorose and Asolo Perfumes became the main topic of conversation at the brand’s booth in Milano.

The Spezieria Officinale was the first line created by DFG1924. Its conception was based on some of the historical formulae developed in the pharmacy’s old laboratory. Thus, the line consists of 12 fragrances divided into five families, the most characteristic among them being Aroma Fruttato (ripe figs in a dry cloud of iris and hay), Aroma Vivienne (peaches with vanilla sugar, an excellent sharp citrus start and smooth resinous-distressed base), Narciso (not a daffodil, but a winter pond which alludes to the myth of the handsome Narcissus and involves the scents of raw patchouli, moist soil and a lot of anise), Noor (a hologram of nutmeg) and La Fontana di Titti (a classic woody-rose composition with accented bergamot head).

In 2016 the DFG1924 brand came into being with the purpose of consolidating traditional elements. The elegant logo was designed by reinterpreting the original one, combing the initials of the brand’s forefather (Dalla Favera Giustino) with the opening year of the laboratory (1924). The perfumer Roberto Dario was then entrusted with the responsibility of developing the olfactory pyramid, adding sensuous notes and ever new, pleasant combinations. These creations evoke unique emotions and can satisfy the requests of those who seek a singular and personal allure.

The exclusive nature of this work is given by products that stand out in terms of the quality of the raw materials used as well as the elegance of the fragrances. The four lines of DFG1924, namely Spezieria Officinale, Asolo Perfumes, Acque Odorose and Storie d’Amore represent a selection of fragrances which includes Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, Room Fragrances, Body Creams and Bath & Shower Gels.

Fabio’s uncle, the famous poet and Nobel Prize winner Giosuè Carducci, described Asolo as a ‘village of a HUNDRED HORIZONS’ (CENTO ORIZZONTI), a name to which DFG1924 dedicated one of its most exclusive perfumes. Thus, the description of the perfume on its site reads: “The continuous overlapping of the hilly landscape that you can appreciate from the castle overlooking Asolo seems in fact to multiply the visible horizons. The inspiration to create this perfume came walking through the hills around Asolo, on little streets and dirt roads, between various types of wood species, breathing the air with scents carried by the wind: woods and dry ambers are the main theme from which is released a subtly Mediterranean aromaticity, made of juniper berries and anise.”


Asolo is a picturesque village in Northern Italy. It is nestled in the green hills of the Province of Treviso, between the Pre-Alps foothills and the region of the medieval territory once known as the “Marca Trevigiana”. With its enchanting rows of olive trees and cypresses, its terraced vineyards and inspiring woodlands, Asolo has been an ideal tourist destination for centuries, hosting countless celebrities, queens, poets and writers, musicians and actresses. The noble, aristocratic aura surrounding Asolo comes therefore as no surprise

The new Asolo Perfumes line devised by DFG1924 is, of course, meant as a tribute to the splendour and majesty of the hospitable village located in the Veneto Region. A tribute, that is, to the village and its surrounding areas and, last but not least, to the birthplace of DFG1924, the place where it all began more than 90 years ago. Loyal to its majestic aura, the perfumes in this line brim with intensity and the complexity of sensation with which life enwraps us.


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