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Paradis des Sens – A story of perfection in an aromatic form

It is really refreshing and exhilarating for me to be faced, from time to time, with the challenge of writing about new niche perfumery brands. They have no glorious history behind them, no powerhouses to back them up, no medals from prestigious institutions, and no internet accolades. They are like little children full of possibilities and hopes, ideals and determination to succeed in the immediate future.

On the endless path of discovery, I feel like an explorer on a mysterious journey around the world, in search of new treasures, new sensations, and new… feelings. William Butler Yeats, the famous Irish poet said that “the world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper”… Wise poet, indeed…. When the hands of time are frozen and this world no longer exists, you'll just be getting started.

I have recently come across a new brand whose name instantly called my attention: Paradis des Sens. Highly poetic and inspirational, this name intrigued my ever-expanding curiosity for new fragrances and new perfumery creations.

Paradis des Sens is a French brand founded in 2020. Their scents are all created with the finest materials and hundreds of years old craftsmanship, paired with cutting-edge technology, produced by Arcadie De Niche, a symbol of beauty at the heart of Paris, Champs-Élysées.

The names of their fragrances are minimalistic but bear a very symbolic meaning: Bliss, Felicity, Eden, Celestia, Utopia, Wonderland, and Cloud nine, all being synonyms for Paradise. These fragrances, already displayed in 100 signature stores around the world, remind us that the sense of smell is the sense of delicate memories.

Paradis des Sens is testimony that perfume – a real liquid memory – brings with it fragments from the distant Past, offering the Present the savor of Paradise Lost. Their fragrances are proof that perfume is an art of pleasure. The pleasure to evoke, suggest, and surprise…. it is sometimes a caress and sometimes a dagger but it always leaves a signature in our hearts…

To go back to the collection mentioned above, although they have strong individual personalities, they are each very different. A true show of “unity in diversity” because there is a red thread that connects all these fragrances. They create a unique poetic language of the body…. something that made me think these are winner scents. The moment you pick one, you see the name and you close your eyes, that very moment, the magic starts to unfold….

As we all know, the entire world operates on a universal law: ENTROPY, the second law of thermodynamics. Entropy means that everything in the world – EVERYTHING – is in a state of decline and decay. There is only one exception to this universal law, and that is the HUMAN SPIRIT, which can continue to evolve upwards, bringing us into wholeness, authenticity, and wisdom.

A long time ago, this human spirit has come up with an imaginary construct… The Paradise. It is a well-known fact that many artists throughout the centuries have tried to describe Paradise. As they say, in order to find out where we were going, we had to know where we have been. Paradis des Sens recreates that lost Paradise in a masterful way, which speaks to our hearts with sophisticated ingredients and long-lasting scented power.

Starting a new project is fascinating. Audacious. But that is not always how it feels. When you are in it, it’s like being at the bottom of a waterfall. You can’t decide whether to dive in and swim or cover your head in trying to get one more decent breath before you expire.

My recent trip to Dubai was an eye-opener. The visit to the heart of this brand has confirmed my first impression that this is going to be a winner. When confronted with an electrically charged atmosphere, I feel like I have excess emotional energy which makes me a brilliant perfume consultant, if I can modestly say so myself. It is, in fact, my very own way of self-expression.

It is almost impossible to write about paradise-connected topics and not mention the famous book by Milton, Paradise Lost. We can say that one particular feature of this enchanting imaginary location is that it is always… lost. Consequently, we, as humankind are supposed to look for it, across ages and times, search for its vanishing beauty and long for its mesmerizing smell.

In an act of artistic redemption, this brand so beautifully named Paradis des Sens is conjuring up the smells of Paradise that don’t seem so lost after all. They are doing all the work, preparing the heavenly liquids and all we have to do is sit back, look pretty and enjoy the feeling of Paradise regained…


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