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The beginning: BYREDO

The next journey was the discovery of niche perfumes. I was 14 when I first visited Vienna and during one of the days of my stay, I set my foot in a niche boutique for the first time.

Of course, I spent more than an hour marveling at everything around me; first of all, I felt like Alice in Wonderland (Perfumes). I've always adored Alice 🙂

My first love was La Tulipe from Byredo and Killian - Water Caligraphy -And as it is said that the first love is never forgotten, I still love these two Brands as much. 

Byredo is a brand originating in Sweden, with the creator being of Indian origin. He created this minimalist perfume collection, which today is an olfactory and fashion design empire. Meanwhile, the brand has expanded on the leather goods side, thus creating true works of art. The new bags collection is amazing and I already have it on my 2020 wish list.

Of course, candles have a special place in Byredo's collection. Bibliotheque is my favorite candle and it has a Budoir aroma, for the nights when we want our senses to be spoiled.

I didn't stop here, I bought myself the kabuki Gipsy Water perfume and the Suede hand cream; nothing is more sensational than the aroma of suede leather (it's hard to describe in words - but imagine a velvety caramel texture combined with the freshness of a Peony flower, this mix is like a forbidden and toxic sensual cocktail). Both are exceptional in texture and design.

During my last visit to Stockholm, I madly fell in love with Slow Dance (which brings me to the excitement of a successful dance, full of the vibration of the olfactory notes) and with Sundazzed, which I would describe as a lush aura that envelops you from the first skin touch. 

These are the latest creations of the Byredo olfactory jeweler. I invite you to try them, but, be careful as the skin's pH balance varies and you may not find yourself in the list of these 3 perfumes I named above, but hey, no worries, as Byredo has over 30 fragrances within their collection where you can experiment and I'm sure you will discover your personal note.

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