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"The Scents that Treasure Beautiful Memories" – Plume Impression Perfumes

Plume Impression is an artistic niche perfumery brand launched in 2019 by Austrian Sabine Schaffer. The ‘Plume’ (means ‘feather’ in French and English) is fragile yet strong. And it is this duality that the brand Plume Impression wishes to express. The plume also stands for freedom, sophistication, and the lightness of being. Sabine Schaffer realized that we can see fragrances as much as we can smell them: each scent forms images in our minds, tells us stories, takes us places. As Sabine puts it, “Scents form beautiful memories and beautiful memories want to be treasured. Plume Impression combines these cherished moments along with our favorite scents - all presented in a beautifully crafted picture frame to always keep those memories close.”

Sabine comes from Salzburg, Austria, the hometown of Mozart. She spent most of her childhood with her mother in one of the most frequented fragrance stores there. Very quickly, she became the youngest fragrance expert in Salzburg. Indeed, her passion for fragrances was so strong that she spent most of her free time in the perfumery boutique owned by a family friend. Many years later, after having worked on several private fragrance projects in the Middle-East, Sabine eventually decided to achieve her dream and create her own fragrance line.

As Sabine, who is also a yoga teacher, puts it: “It’s all about the story, close your eyes and inhale.”

About ScentStory

A modern perfume house committed to creating fragrances for perfume-connoisseurs; ScentStory was founded in 2008 by Mr. Gabriel Chami.

Renowned for its unique fragrances, the brand blends scents in order to provide you with distinctive fragrant experiences which evoke emotional and colourful memories.

Built on the strong belief that fragrances are the perfect medium for telling stories as well as expressing feelings and emotions, the olfactory delights concocted by ScentStory are powerful, obsessive and represent a universal, timeless language beyond words and sounds.

Here is what Gabriel Chami, who create Plume Impression with Sabine, has to say about himself:

I was working in Kuwait with the Chalhoub Group and moved to Dubai in 2001 to handle the regional office for Parfums Christian Dior, in charge of Travel Retail.

I was studying in France and always wanted to move to the Middle East for its fast-growing business, positive mentality and sunny weather. I seized the opportunity to join the Chalhoub group in 1995, just after graduation, in order to handle operational marketing for several luxurious make-up and fragrance brands. I got hooked quickly as it is truly a fascinating universe.

I then established ScentStory in 2007, with the desire of creating innovative scents and concepts, putting the actual fragrances, juices, on top of any other marketing elements. I feel very privileged as I have only worked in this field, for 22 years so far (the interview was taken in 2017).’

Plume Impression perfumes represent moments on the journey of a feather that follows the wind to visit beautiful places and meet happy people. Sunny beaches, weddings, palaces in the East, carnival in Venice, the elegant crowd at a polo game… their fragrances are inspired by moments like this. And although they are very different, the perfumes and the stories that inspire them all have something in common – they are destined to become special and unforgettable memories.

As if the scents and the ideas were not enough, even the packaging is made to capture happy occasions – the front of the heavy wooden box works as a picture frame where you can insert your own photos. You can even print them outright in the boutique – Plume Impression provide their retailers with a special printer to bring your memories onto paper from any digital medium. The box can work as a standing frame or as a treasure chest to store precious little things. A perfect personalized gift! And since the box can be meaningfully repurposed, the amount of packaging waste is greatly reduced, making it an environmentally friendlier option.

The line currently features six perfumes. The scents from The Elusive Spirit Collection are invigorating, airier and come in white boxes with a silver cap.

The three perfumes from The Royal Spirit Collection are more intense and perfectly suited for the evening or for someone who likes ‘to make an entrance’

Their boxes are black, and the caps have a golden hue. Plume Impression fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Daniel Visentin, Dalia Izem, Quentin Bisch and Jordi Fernández.

The Elusive Spirit collection: This collection of three fragrances represents the beautiful lightness of being. Delicate yet strong, the fragrances in this collection take you on a journey of sensuality and grace carried by your wonderful imagination.

  • Murmure d’Eté: An invigorating blend of green bright notes. Elegant fig and delicate woods perfectly support each other in radiant harmony.

  • Eclat de Joie: Citrus notes launch this fragrance and set the tone for an exciting journey. Spices interplay with soft white flowers till the luxurious musky veil eventually wraps you like a second skin.

  • Etat de Grâce : Timeless modernity best qualifies this powerful yet sensual fragrance. Hypnotizing tuberose delicately surrounded by softwoods and the balanced sweetness of the tonka bean.

Royal SpiritCollection: This trilogy portrays the pride to be. Wonderfully intense, the fragrances in this collection take you on a mesmerizing journey of mysterious luxury.

  • Rivalité Impériale: Dry fruits engage with spices right from the start, catching your attention immediately. You remain captivated as amber and vanilla enter this elegant dance, following in the footsteps of luxurious sandalwood.

  • Dualité Magnifique: This is a fragrance with two facettes, both equally magnificent. Amber and oud create a mysterious feeling to this otherwise glamorous journey, rose and saffron carefully nestled in a well-crafted leather case.

  • Elégance Cuirée: A perfect interplay of strength and elegance opening with a fresh twist. Leather and vetyver play an important, grandiose role. Woods and smoky notes achieve this refined masterpiece, a perfume for the mondaine connoisseur.

The brand is based in Paris and as a true niche perfume house only distributes their fragrances through top international locations. First and foremost, there is the official website along with the Plume Impression shop. If you are looking for an in-store experience, then you can find their perfumes at Fortnum & Mason in London, Jovoy and Sens Unique in Paris, the uber-posh TSUM in Moscow as well as Harvey Nichols and other boutique perfumeries in Dubai.

Online retailers include PerfumePlayground in the UK, Ounass in the Middle East as well as Nichestory in Germany and Martiark in the Hamptons/USA.

For a more detailed and complete list of retailers in other countries please contact Plume Impression to guide you to your relevant contact in your market.


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