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Once upon a time... a love story between scent and nature: pH Fragrances

pH Fragrances Niche Perfumery products

Perfume is an expression of identity. We smell stunning, we feel great, and it is a mandatory accessory for a gracious frame of mind. Can we feel good about ourselves and make the planet feel good, too? As a perfume lover, containing myself from buying the entire perfumery is the most difficult thing, but I try to be in a state of consciousness and choose ethical brands with purpose. I have been casting a vote for the caring world that I dream of. For the past two years, pH Fragrances has been a close friend of Notorious Stories, while bringing more merciful meaning in the world of perfume. It is a French sanctuary devoted to an eco-friendly approach toward beauty.

pH Fragrances - Neroli & Bergamote de Denim perfume - Niche Perfumery

Offering a wide range of fine fragrances, personal care, and home care products, they gently encourage the idea that beauty shouldn’t cost the Earth. Their products vary from perfume to laundry detergent or candles, each one of them recalling responsibility towards the environment we live in. The perfumes from pH Fragrances are as exquisite as the process of craftsmanship behind them. Created in collaboration with Givaudan, the world leader in fragrances, their eight unique scents whisper a story about commitment and a holistic approach. Magnolia & peony of silk, orris & musk of liberty, vetiver & santal of leather and more... each one of their scented creations is a love letter dedicated to nature and health.

The brand’s decision to go beyond regulations and ban controversial ingredients for both humans and the environment is impressive. Every day of our lives we are in contact with one hundred or two hundred ingredients that, combined, can produce unpleasant health effects in the long term.

pH Fragrances - Niche Perfumery perfumes collection

The scents they produce are between 84% to 93% natural. pH Fragrances products have a clean label, the used ingredients are high quality without stretching thin the world for resources and all these standards make the brand innovative. Transparency is the fundament of establishing trust, therefore ingredients and their sources find their place gracefully on the brand’s website, as well as the labels. Their mission is to connect, serve and resonate with a set of values that upbring sustainability from concept to lifestyle. While indulging yourself in the olfactory beauty of scent, the senses have a journey in Paris, Grasse, and Haute Provence, where everything is locally made: formulation, packaging, and fabrication. Only two percent of the plastic we use can be recycled. Their friendship with ecology goes beyond this measure, PH Fragrances offers one hundred percent regarding every aspect: totally dedicated to nature, totally tailored for health, and totally recyclable packaging in glass and recyclable PET.

pH Fragrances - Neroli & Bergamote de Denim perfume - Niche Perfumery - Eco packaging

The packaging is the quintessence of minimalistic modus operandi, dressing the scent in earthy, brown tones, which make pH Fragrances products be seen, loved and unforgettable. Simplicity as the ultimate charm is an achievement in today’s complex world. Behind closed curtains, there is even more poetry behind these olfactory artworks. There is the scent of ethics. What we linger on our skin and clothes is the hope and dreams of twenty talented freelancers who work with bestowal, some of them bringing disability awareness into the field.

Quoting Jean-Paul Sartre: Nous sommes nos choix. So choose well, and make a difference. Let’s meet today’s beauty needs without compromising the future's beauty.


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